My Morning Prayer / Ode to coffee

Oh how i love the taste of you
so early in the morn
the shock of your warmth thrills me
it chills me
it stokes the fires within me
The power you hold
Over me is strong and true
How lucky you are
that I wake craving YOU
You are my first thought
Upon arising
The taste of you is always surprising
To sense your fire
Coursing through my veins
Is my ultimate desire
My lips surround you
In a velvet kiss
Awaiting that feeling
Of sheer caffeinated bliss.

4 responses to “My Morning Prayer / Ode to coffee

  1. Is this original? If so, you should try to publish it elsewhere — it’s VERY GOOD.
    If it’s not original, it’s still VERY GOOD.

  2. why thank you, yes it is original……. I wrote it after a 3 month hiatus from coffee, once i had finally succumbed back into it’s thrall….

  3. I don’t like coffee, but I do like your poem.

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