Does size really matter?

These days it is so politically incorrect to call someone fat. But apparently totally ok to call someone thin, even someone you don’t even know that well. Maybe thin people feel discriminated against? Maybe inside every thin person is a fat person waiting to break out? How did it become ok to tell someone they look amazing because they lost weight? Doesn’t that imply that they looked like crap to start off with? No one would dare go up to someone and say “wow it looks like you have gained weight since the last time I saw you, tell me your secret” – so why is the opposite deemed to be ok? Why are thin people held up as the yardstick for what passes as beauty in this world? Why is it that people’s size actually matters? Isn’t it what’s inside a person that counts? These days you can buy a ladies dress in a size ZERO – what does that mean, that the person wearing it doesn’t really exist? Come on people!!!! Lets stop being so shallow and fickle and judgemental, and look at the real person, look in their heart and soul.

4 responses to “Does size really matter?

  1. My sister is a size 0.

    My father and sister went to Ukraine last summer, and they went to the shul there for a few of their meals. For shabbos they got invited to someone for a meal, and so my sister wasn’t eating anything at the kiddush, because she didn’t want to be full for later. So one lady started yelling “Jewish girls are supposed to have meat on their bones”

    and she wouldn’t leave my sister alone. Then my sister was like “We’re invited out somewhere” So the lady was liek “make sure to eat, you don’t look very healthy”

    And my sister is super healthy. So I thought this was funny. You should learn Russian/Ukrainian and join a shul in Kiev where they’ll actually compliment someone because they gained wieght. 🙂

  2. I totally know what you are talking about. People make me sick when they wana know how I lost weight and at the same time mother me, “I hope you are eating healthy”. I went to a Simcha and my sister in laws watched like hawks over my plate, making sure I eat.
    If I take a a piece of cake they ask, so you eat cake? Gasp! Gasp! Ruining the pleasure of eating.

  3. I lost like 20 pounds this year, bringing me to around average weight (yet still curvey which I like), and the last time I went home my mom still criticized me for having cake (it was a freaking birthday cake, for MY birthday), and at the same time asked if I have an eating disorder. Gotta love those jewish moms.

  4. i think jewish mothers are the same the whole world over. they always worry about their childrens weight. if i would have had daughters i would love to have been able to teach them to be happy within themselves and to not look to outside influences for validation of whther they are the right size or not. with boys its different. as a whole they tend to be more accepting of their size.

    so much of who women are is wrapped up in how we look, and our mirrors are so very often distorted.

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