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From the Frumster Files

Guaranteed to get this guy a date – “I am not financially secure at the moment”.

Suit Yourself

Why are boys so difficult to shop for / with? We went today to get suits for the upcoming barmy. The barmitzvah boy is still growing so I am waiting till the last possible minute with him, but I shlepped the others. They would have been more than thrilled to walk in, point at something that looked alright, and walk out with even trying it on. What am I saying? They would have been happier to stay at home and have me buy the suits without them! We went to the factories because when you are buying multiple suits you have to do it as cost effective as possible. So the décor was not exactly conducive to long discussions about the merits of double breasted vs single breasted jackets (like I know the difference? They both have buttons?!!). like the kids could even have cared?


But still, I had one kid wheeling around the warehouse on his heelys not even bothering to stay still long enough to try the jacket on, another one willing to take the first one I touched, and the youngest telling me that whatever Ima thinks is best he will choose. Where is the thrill of the chase, the high of finding a bargain, and in the right size too? Does this look better than the first, let me try the other size on again? No, none of that. All I got was – Yeah Ima, one said, it’s a suit. I need a suit. Works for me, Ima. Do I really have to try it on? But its gonna look dorky over my teeshirt………<more eye rolling ensues>. Can we go now? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease??


I could have sworn we were in the factory for hours, in fact it was less than 20 minutes. I even managed to find a long denim skirt for myself, but the kids sucked all the fun out of that. Ima, we didn’t come here for you, you have enough clothes already (perish the thought!!).


And you know, I must be a glutton for punishment. They needed dress shoes too, so I figured while they are already in abject misery let me just take advantage. 3 shoe stores later they were done. Salesman at the last place said I was lucky to have boys. Said girls come in with their mothers and take hours and then don’t even buy anything. My boys were done in less than 5 minutes each. Yeah fits, looks good, you’re paying Ima so who cares about the price……lets go and end this nightmare.


Do you have any idea how many hours and stores it took to get my ensemble for the barmitzvah together? And I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Is it kids, or is it the male population that hate to shop? Sigh…..thank G-d that’s over and done with. All I have to do now is take the barmitzvah boy himself. Oh what a barrel of laughs that promises to be.


3 suits – hundreds of dollars

2 pairs of shoes, slightly less

Torturing the kids – priceless…..