From the Frumster Files

Guaranteed to get this guy a date – “I am not financially secure at the moment”.

5 responses to “From the Frumster Files

  1. He should add: “I am not intelligent enough to know what women are looking for in a man.”

  2. not every woman is looking for a ‘financially secure’ dude. I am pretty financially secure myself (even as a grad student, and once I get my phd even more so hopefully), and specifically avoided guys with high flying careers when I was dating- because I want a guy who is willing to follow my career and possibly be a stay at home dad when we have kids (basically I want to be the primary breadwinner).

    But yeah, that’s probably not the best thing to put on a dating website. 🙂 At least he’s honest though!

  3. I am a paycheck to paycheck guy and I seem to find women willing to date me.

  4. i agree that financial security shouldnt be the first thing a woman looks for in a man, but to some it is an important factor. i was just amazed at the blatant honesty. maybe he was asking to be a kept man??

    Hesh – i would date you, i am sure you would keep me laughing forever, just i dont think you want an older woman with kids…….but hey, you never know, right?

  5. He does get a point for honesty…

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