Sailing away (inspired by a dream)

Smooth sailing, the seas were calm

Sparkling blue as far as eye could see

Drifting along a glass ocean

Enjoying the gentle glide


Suddenly a squall appears

On the horizon, far

It will pass by, it does not threaten

This dreamer steamer of life


The boat takes a sudden turn

To starboard it starts to lean

He has taken the wheel by brute force

Total control is now his


Dark clouds rush in, thunder too

Escorting his minions of death

The rain pours and pelts and soaks

As his wicked laugh is heard


Thunder and lightning strikes

As he wrenches the wheel to and fro

The seas start to show discontent

And churn up their ire


It becomes a maelstrom of water

Versus the will of a satanic ghoul

Who will win this awful fight

That occurs as God sleeps?


The sea is calm once more

No remnants of the fierce struggle

“who won, who lost, what happened?”

Questions that will be answered nevermore.

What do YOU think?

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