What a weekend!!

My son’s barmitzvah was phenomenal. The whole weekend went swimmingly well. It all appeared effortless and seamless – do you have any idea how much work it takes to get there? Effortless take endless effort….but I did it.


It could not have been more perfect. My son did a fine job with his torah reading, his speech was warm, loving, emotional – as he thanked his parents he choked up, and I doubt there was a dry eye in the house. I didn’t notice because I was way too busy bawling my eyes out…such a sap. My speech was well received. My son’s dad spoke about the importance of menschlichkeit in this world – I see already that #1 son is a mensch, there were so many instances over the weekend where he proved it.


#1 son also made a siyyum – he finished learning Seder Moaid in honour of his barmitzvah – this was a huge accomplishment, took him 8 months to complete all the learning for it. One of his rebbes was on hand to give a short speech, and he spoke of #1 son with such love and affection and yes, even respect. It was a very touching moment.


He told me tonight that he felt the love in the room at the meals. He really felt it, the warmth, the adoration, the caring – everyone who was a part of our simcha was there out of love for him and his parents. There was no awkwardness as there could have been, with divorced parents, blended families, etc. Every one got along, because we were all there for my son. This was his moment to shine, and shine he did.


He davened for the Amud many times over the last few days – and intends to lead the community in prayer many more times in the future.


I am so proud of him for all he has achieved. It was just a perfect barmitzvah. Yes there were issues that happened, but nobody else knew about them, and it didn’t spoil the main events. I had a major wardrobe malfunction (I bent to pick something up and heard rip rip rip – skirt ripped big time) 5 minutes before leaving for shul, which necessitated a total change of clothing for me – but nobody knew.


Standing there greeting my guests – my face started to hurt from the grinning I was doing. I was just so darn happy to be where I was, to know I have 4 wonderful sons who are growing up to be fine young men, to know that my eldest son has done me proud, but more importantly, he did himself proud. It was nice hearing the congratulations from people on what a fine son I have raised. It was also wonderful that people complimented me on how lovely I looked – I have some self image issues, what woman doesn’t, but at the barmitzvah they disappeared. I knew that I was shining from within. (Wish there was a pill you could take to get that glow when you really need it).


G-d blessed me and my family this weekend, and I am eternally grateful for His abundant blessings. May we all celebrate many simchas together, Amen!

8 responses to “What a weekend!!

  1. mazel tov. very nice

  2. I am so happy everything went well.

  3. Mazal tov!

  4. You actually look frum!

  5. You look great – how about some tips on how us girls can lose those few extra ‘child rearing’ pounds. What worked for you?

  6. mtl – dont hate me, but i am naturally slim. each time i gave birth i walked out of hospital in prepregnancy clothes. BUT i gained a lot of weight post-divorce, and then barmitzvah stress helped me lose it all and then some……sorry i cant be more help!!

  7. A hearty mazel tov to you, the bar mitzvah boy, your other sons and extended family.
    Beautiful photo.
    Our eldest had his bar mitzvah on June 21; unfortunately, my husband’s mother was niftar the same week, and things became chaotic as a result. But in spite of everything, our son did beautifully — laining his parsha, doing his Haftorah and giving a d’var Torah. He made us all proud.
    (You can read about that chaotic week in last week’s NY Jewish Press. Or go to their website, look under Op-Ed, and you’ll see my piece : Sorrow & Simcha: Life’s Juxtaposition)
    May you continue to see much naches from your children.

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