Careful what you wish for

You know the saying, careful what you wish for you just might get it? The last couple of days have sucked, I have been so tired and drained from the barmitzvah, all I wanted was some of my bounce back, some adrenalin……


Yeah. Thank you G-d for your cosmic joke, again! Tell me something, why is it that my kids have to get themselves in these pickles? Cant you have someone else’s kids get into trouble?


I very innocently sent them off to shul to daven shacharit – good mommy, right? I figured I could loll about in bed an extra half hour with only the little squeaker keeping me company. Lo and behold my phone rings. The kids are in shul – what could possibly happen?!! Oh me of little faith.


Guy starts telling me how wonderful my kids davened, blah blah, I am thinking ok, nice that you called me, get to the point man – umm well Son #2 somehow started bleeding, Son #1 saw the blood and promptly fainted. Hatzoloh and 911 on the scene. I am on my way, I say, yelling to #4 to get his shoes on.


In my panic I still have the presence of mind to dress modestly (it is a shul) and cover my hair, and the kid and I take off running pell mell down the block. Seeing that ambulance there for my kids gave me palpitations.


I got the story. There is a peddler who sells stuff at the shul to make a parnassah. He sells pocket knives. The child of mine who wanted one had the other make the purchase as he was too shy. He still is a kid, and the guy shouldn’t have sold him the knife. Kid wanted to look at the blade, and cut himself trying to close it. But even when the kid was bleeding all over the shul, the peddler didn’t come over and make amends. He minded his own business and slipped quietly out of shul. He had better watch his back because this momma bear is going to come after him.


My boys learnt a huge lesson this morning. When Ima says no its not because she is mean. Its because she does know whats best, every single time. The cut kid got glued back together, fainter kid is fine, ego a little bruised – fainting in front of your friends is so not cool.


Ah well, another day another saga……….


5 responses to “Careful what you wish for

  1. As you said in your earlier post, it takes village. (That’s why you were notified so promptly, and with such commentary!)Unfortunately, your kids just met the village idiot.

  2. so is your kid ok?

    these peddlers are just lookin to make a buck and have no responsibility. He would have sold your kid a machine gun, if he had them in his pushcart. Give him a piece of your mind!

  3. A story with a happy ending it seems.
    I agree with Rafi, peddlers are in for the money not the kids’ wellfare.

  4. Oy, yoy, yoy. I’m glad everyone is OK. Heart palpitations when the phone rings and they tell you something about your kid…

    Yes, go yell at the peddler.
    But my kid walked into a fire extinguisher and needed stitches. I can’t really yell at the fire extinguisher, now can I?
    Raising kids is not easy.

  5. everyone is fine today – and i guess one day we will look back and laugh. thank you all for your kind comments. and that peddler will not know what / who hit him when i am done with him.

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