VACATION – all I ever wanted!

Now that the barmitzvah is over and all we are left with are phenomenal memories and a teen with a hat (oh and stupenderrific photographs) it is time for me to get some well deserved R and R.


Did I pick a desert island, a paradise resort? No. I am going to Shoe Mecca. Watch out NY, the frum world’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw is coming to town. Yes, I am to be vacationing in the Big Apple. I plan to squeeze in some sight seeing, some dates, and plenty of Manolos and Jimmy Choos.


I will definitely blog from NY so long as I have time – my schedule is already so overbooked I am tired before I have even left.


So peeps, any recommendations of fun touristy stuff to do, and or where the best clothes / shoe shopping is? Can you tell I am excited? I cannot remember my last vacation – if I ever had one!!


So Shabbat Shalom everyone!!!

2 responses to “VACATION – all I ever wanted!

  1. Depends what you like… My must-do: Dale & Thomas Popcorn, on Broadway near Times Square. Go there with a date, buy popcorn, walk around…

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