Dunkin Donuts…….

Amazing sometimes how doing something that is 100% ok seems just so wrong because of the environment or circumstance.


Today I ate a kosher lunch at a Dunkin Donuts in Flatbush. I, religious lady, walked in to a Dunkin Donuts and paid less than 5 bucks for an egg n cheese croissant and a coffee. I sat down, in Dunkin Donuts, and ate my lunch, all the while thinking “how is this ok? How weird is it to be sitting in a DD eating lunch that is actually kosher?” I just had a weird feeling that things were a little askew. Like walking into Mickey Dees and ordering a Big Mac, and it being kosher (I know in Israel there is a kosher McD’s but its just so strange). There was a certificate of kashrut in the window, so I knew it was kosher. It just felt wrong. I guess the more you do it, the more used to it you get.


Later on I was walking on Ave J and saw that indeed there is a kosher Subway franchise there. Now that is someplace I have to try after the 9 days. The idea that I can buy a foot long meatball sub that is kosher blows my mind.


There are so many kosher restaurants here in NY – seems there is one on every corner, every other store….do New Yorkers eat out more? Or am I just a provincial country hick who is overwhelmed by the big city?

7 responses to “Dunkin Donuts…….

  1. Glad to hear you are getting out in my old ‘hood. If you’re still in town in a week and a half we can even meet for coffee!

  2. New York is the epitome of the chap-a-nosh culture (the eponymous restaurant is on Elm near M and Coney Island).

  3. New Yorkers eat tons of food. Most New Yorkers (whether kosher or not) eat out or “take out” at least 1-2 times a week, and many do it more often. I would suggest that you get out of town before you get fat.

  4. We have a kosher Dunkin Donuts in Chicago – but New York is in a class by itself when it comes to volume and selection in kosher restaurants (Israel is the only place above it).

  5. ok, i walked 90 blocks today so i think, Raizy, that if i do that every day i am here i can relax about eating out and not worry about getting fat. went to a lovely restaurant tonight – cafe renaissance – and polished off penne vodka, with a giant tiramisu for dessert. thousands of delicious calories…..mmm mmm good!

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  7. Hadassah, if there is a kosher place nearby, don’t ask why, just enjoy! 🙂

    Keep in mind that this is from someone who doesn’t have such luxuries. Our choices currently are Holy Cow Catering (in the JCC), Nosh-A-Rye Deli (in the Jewish Home), and the kosher meat departments at Kroger and Schnucks. I’m just grateful to have what we have.

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