Daily Archives: August 7, 2008

Hadassah does New York

I am so enjoying my well earned vacation. Yesterday I went to the metropolitan museum of art and totally enjoyed my visit there. Koons’ sculptures on the rooftop were awesome, and actually seeing the real Warhol art was something I will never forget. I managed, on my own, to take the subway to Manhattan – something that I was concerned about, as everything here is on such a huge scale, and I am such a little person…….well, in the grand scheme of things I guess I am little. Or just a total country bumpkin!


On the subway I had occasion to witness an interesting “performance”. A 20 year old dude came into the subway car with a whole bunch of different chocolate bars to sell for a dollar. But he wasn’t just selling them – he had a whole shpiel. It was a rap, about how he is trying to save money to get through college, and once he has enough saved up he is going to finish his bachelors degree. So please buy his chocolates so he can get edumacated. I loved it – so New York!


I walked through Central Park in order to get something kosher to eat, and the place where I was recommended to go was on the other side. I was so grateful to a special NY friend who stayed on the phone with me while I made my way through the park, to make sure that I got to where I needed to go. Of course telling me that 7 out of 10 people make it out of the park alive was very reassuring! I hated not knowing how to get there, I hated having to rely on another person for help – but it was a humbling experience asking for help. I may just do it more often.


Today we went to the NewYork Aquarium – such a wonderful place. I so enjoyed seeing all the fish, the sting rays, the sea turtles and the sharks, the baby walrus was awesome as was his mommy – such huge mammals. Saw some penguins. The jellyfish were totally awesome – some of these creatures are so tiny that it is impossible to deny that there is a higher being that created them. There is no way that these creature are anything but creations of G-d Himself.


The restaurants have been phenomenal. Tonight we ate at a place called Café Hadar, in their garden, or as we say back home, on their “terrasse”. Sitting in the garden, at little bistro tables, one would hardly think that one was in the heart of Brooklyn. It was just so pretty. I had the eggplant parmesan, and ordered a drink that sounded heavenly but tasted so vile I wanted to puke. It was a yogurt / nana(mint) smoothie. Blech. Euw. Totally disgusterating. But the rest of the food was delish.


For dessert my lovely hosts took me to Carvel. Actually truth be told I took them as I drove the car there. Something I vowed years ago never to do was drive in Brooklyn. When I made that vow I was a timid little mouse afraid of everything. No more mouse. I am now the mouse that roared!!! And the ice cream was divine and worth every calorie.


This place, New York, has an energy all of its own. I am so thrilled to be able to drink in all that it has to offer.