Daily Archives: August 18, 2008


 So I figure that being as it’s the last full week of vacation that I should do something extremely fun with the kids. I never learn. I should give them options to choose between, instead of allowing them to come up with their own suggestions. I was thinking alomng the lines of the local theme park…..they were thinking ROAD TRIP!!!! Of course, they totally conveniently forgot that their mother hates to highway drive as she has minimal highway experience AND that I am rather directionally challenged.


Their first suggestion was Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory in Vermont (a 3 hour drive). Great suggestion and it includes ice cream – how bad could that be? And I have done that drive before. Easy as pie….well, almost. Then someone remembered that there is a Six Flags in Lake George – they drove past it on their way home from NY last week (also 3 hours away). Very quickly the ice cream people changed their little minds and the chanting began – six flags! lake george! six flags! lake george!…come on Ima, it will be so much fun, you can do it, you know you can, we’ll navigate for you (gee, do you think they are aware of my challenges???). Then number one son comes up with “you do know that you can rent a GPS? And I can even read it for you because I know it’s difficult for you”. He means well. He does. And that certainty of my innate inability to get them there is what pushed me to agree to it. I will prove to them, but even more so to myself, that I can get them there without getting too lost. (Hey, I am a realist!!)


But all is not terrible. My girlfriend decided that she and her kids will join us, and she is a driver too. So we can switch off if necessary. Hopefully it won’t be the blind leading the blind (or the blonde leading the inner-blonde)….you know I loves ya T!


It is all so worth it because the kids are psyched beyond anything I have seen in a long time. Their excitement and faith in me will get us there. I shall make sure that the barmitzvah bochur says Tefillat Haderech. And I have printed out the google map directions – for both ways, and they seem pretty straightforward. No global positioning system, but I have my own GPS – God’s Protective System. I trust in Him….Aint got no choice in the matter.


So, spare a positive thought for this loving indulgent mother driving a fire-engine-red chevy van up the freeway – if you see me coming, get out of the way!!!


A throwaway remark

Sometimes it’s the comments that aren’t premeditated that hurt the most. Recently, being the only slim person at a table with some people of larger size, I felt very insulted. I was offered dessert after eating a full meal, and I politely declined. So this guy who I hardly knew says “what are you? Anorexic or something?” and carried on with his life commentary (totally inappropriate table talk, but that was who he was). It wasn’t even his house or his table.


What if his assessment had been true? Wouldn’t that have hurt even more? Part of me wanted to say to him, why yes, I am anorexic – something a pig like you can’t ever understand because you have never met a food you don’t like, never said no to the fifth dessert.


No one, and again I am making this point, would dare to say “oh you’re having another piece of cake? Aren’t you already morbidly obese? Don’t you think you should stop?” But because thin is in people think they can joke about anorexia and get away with it. Obesity and Anorexia are both illnesses that can prove fatal, and neither should be joked about. If I decline dessert it’s because I am full. Not because I am obsessing about the number I will next see on the scale. I am slim, yes, and I guess that makes some people jealous, but do not mock my size, for I am starting to get sick of it.


When I was heavier, and I was for a while, there were barely any size comments – I remember one lady commenting, tho, on how she thought I had had a boob job. Gaining 40+ pounds in 2 months will add dimensions in places there were none before. But no one dared mention weight in my presence. They knew that a formerly skinny person who had been slim all her life and now was seven sizes bigger than her original self would have been upset to hear that. I dropped the 40+ (and a little more) and now I am fair game?


People, do not comment on size. It can be so hurtful. The only time its acceptable is if you are truly worried about a friend’s health – whether they be too large or too small, and then, please, choose your words appropriately. People of all shapes and sizes are vulnerable to size-ist remarks. Don’t say anything to anyone you wouldn’t want to hear said to you.