In Awe of Life (Bowing to pressure to repost…)

I never knew before

The power of a simple touch.

The merest whisper

Of your skin on mine

Made my senses spring to life.

That night on the beach

When we first met

The stars were in perfect alignment

The heavens smiling

Their approval on us.

I casually reached for your hand

And our worlds stood violently still.

The electricity leaped,

Shocking your heart and mine

Into stunned belief.

At that moment I knew,

I became yours and you mine.

The briefest hint of what could be

Gave me such hope,

The chance to dream

Of the miracle that could be us.

I gazed into your eyes

And felt your soul open itself up

And swallow mine whole.


Life can never be the same again.

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2 responses to “In Awe of Life (Bowing to pressure to repost…)

  1. wow great job Hadassa, so glad you found my blog and commented on it so that I can now read your beautiful work!

  2. aw thanks – you should read your way through the blog – it will explain a little more about who I am and my story…

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