Happy 12th Birthday Son #2!

Some wise man once said that having kids is like watching your heart walk around outside your body. It’s so true.


Sweetie, when I found out I was pregnant with you I was so concerned that all the love I had for your older brother would leave nothing over for you. It turns out this is a common fear with the second child, and totally unfounded. The minute you were born, in the brief 30 seconds I got to hold you before they swept you off to the NICU, I felt my heart multiply. I realized that I didn’t have to share the love I had for your brother, but that I had another chamber of love opened up in my heart for you, and subsequently for the brothers that followed.


Funny thing was, that throughout the whole pregnancy I was convinced you were a girl – I guess I have been wrong a time or two….i am so glad you are a boy!


You were born on a Friday, close to 6 in the morning. That’s still your favourite time of day.  It’s funny how you are always the first one up in the house, enjoying the peace and quiet of the place before all hell breaks loose as the brothers wake up.


As births go, yours was more or less straightforward, other than the fact that they induced you to be born early as the placenta had stopped functioning. I guess they were scared too, as there was standing room only in the delivery room ( I should have charged all the docs and nurses admission – would have paid for your bris), with me as the centre of attention for most of the time. You were 3 weeks early and they were worried that you would be severely underweight. (I look at you now as I think that and I chuckle to myself.) Interestingly enough as soon as you were born I ceased to exist in that room, and that there was a huge lesson in what a parent is all about. I was the vessel needed to bring you into the world, but once you were here, it was all about you, and I was relegated to second class status. (once it was determined that I was ok). I was just so thankful you were born breathing, and I knew you were in the best hands.


You were a scrawny little chicken, covered in the icky white vernix stuff. 5 lbs and change. Hardly robust, but bigger than they had expected. Your first 24 hours in the NICU was precautionary only, TG, although you did develop jaundice and stayed longer in the hospital than I did. You looked so cute with those special eye protectors while under the bili-lights. Looked like you were sunbathing on the beach! I had bought you a little cuddly sheep to keep with you under the lights – it looked huge next to you.


From the start you were easy going and laid back. You only ever cried for a real reason – food, change, discomfort, didn’t like your brother making your nose go beep beep! You have continued to be a source of much pleasure and happiness for me. Your cuddles are the best, I love that you still cherish being close to me. What surprises me is how similar our characters are. I know what you are going to do before you do it and it always freaks you out. You have no clue how I manage to figure that out. I just think about what I would do, and then I know! I also have eyes in the back of my head – I take all the help I can get.


You all are so different from each other, and I love the people that you are all becoming.


So sweetie, tomorrow, when you really turn 12, I will be celebrating too, I will be celebrating the blessings in my life, the gift of my sons who I love more than anything. Thank you for being you.

5 responses to “Happy 12th Birthday Son #2!

  1. Happy Birthday to your 12 year old son!

    Do you show him what you write about him?
    I think its beautiful

  2. very nice.
    happy birthday
    שבוע טוב

  3. Thank you for this beautiful piece. I am about to have my first child and your words really moved me.

  4. thank you all for your lovely comments.
    Frayda – b’shaa tova!

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