Is Tweety a lecher?

 This photo was taken last week in Lake George – i posted it elsewhere and got tons of comments about what the heck Tweety was looking at. Is Tweety the perv, or is it my friends’ minds? I would love to have your opinion….


6 responses to “Is Tweety a lecher?

  1. Your friends’ minds. It’s totally innocuous!

    Sweet, actually.

  2. I didn’t even notice the eyes when I saw the picture before.
    I don’t think Tweety’s the perv

  3. Also, the reason why the eyes would be lowered, looking down, is because its used to children, and children are shorter, so this way it appears that tweety is looking at the children’s faces.

  4. You are reaching around and grabbing his butt and you question where he’s looking? Who’s the perv?

  5. Richard, little innocent me? grabbing tweety’s butt? perish the thought! btw i think tweety is a woman…..which makes it all the more weird LOL
    Babysitter – your point about the eyes makes so much sense – i never thought of it that way….leora..thanks for stopping by….

  6. I’m less concerned with where Tweety’s eyes are than with how surprised his (her?) expression seems! Either way, you look adorable, Tweety just looks weird (but then again I’ve had issues with those theme park characters ever since I was stalked by a Reese’s peanut butter cup at Hershey Park… 😉 )

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