I finally gave in to temptation and got myself a blackberry. I had been thinking about it for some time, and the kids have been telling me that my trusty little flip phone was about as passé as it gets. I had to go in to the store anyway because I didn’t like the package I had – no free texts, so I went to change that, and $49 bucks later and 2500 free text msgs a month later I have a new RED blackberry pearl. Does that make it a RedBerry?


So the boys are laughing at me hysterically because in their opinion I am a technological dinosaur. The salesman was a very helpful fellow – and he put up with my high pitch squealing when I realized that I could also get facebook on my crackberry, as well as GPS (now, now I have GPS??), Windows Live Messenger, GoogleChat etc and then I totally flipped when he told me I could also have my email on there too. It was such a rush. The kids kept asking him – does it have music playing abilities? A camera? They asked questions I never even thought to ask. Apparently I can also sync it with my computer… to figure that one out one day soon. It won’t recognize my Bluetooth but has speaker capability so I should be ok, hands free and all….


Then I got home. I could no longer access my voicemail, so I had to set that up again. Then I had to read the instruction manual – something I rarely do, but I want to use this phone properly or it’s a waste of the kids newfound respect for their technologically impaired mother. Of course one of them already asked if he could have my PC coz obviously my blackberry does everything for me, so the PC is obsolete then. Nope, I think not. For one thing, it’s mine. But setting this darn thing up has taken me 2 hours and I am so stressed and tired. I can begin to see that it will follow me everywhere…even into a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day – what would happen if I missed a facebook update, or an email – would my life be over?


I have gone over to the dark side – will I ever be able to cross back?

5 responses to “Crackaholic

  1. Don’t look back. It took me a year to master my smart phone, and now I’ll probably have to get used to something new. But thinking is good for us.

  2. i think its cleverer than me…..but it cannot make the coffee, so i guess i am one up on it already!

  3. I don’t have a blackberry, although it sounds great.
    I have some issues with it, which are its benefits. Although it would be great to get my e-mails and stuff right away, I wouldn’t necessarily want that. I like when I come home log on to my computer and find like 50 e-mails, its exciting to have so much waiting for you, and then its easier to just take care of them all at once.
    With a blackberry, every minute you would be busy responding to e-mails that you will have no time to just do other things. There might be the joy of getting an e-mail right away, but there’s no waiting involved, so it makes the joy a bit less. In my opinion.

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