Daily Archives: August 26, 2008

Kids say the darndest things – part one

I was reminiscing with the kids today in the car about the funny things they have said as little ‘uns. My youngest mispronounced a word and they all corrected him. I told them that what he had said was cute, and he would eventually grow out of it. They didn’t agree, so I just gently reminded them of some of the things they mispronounced.


Ima, can you buy me gogulars? [goggles]


Snizzers [scissors]


Toy sauce [soy sauce]


Kvetchup [ketchup]


How many pounds do I waste? [how much do I weigh]


We will fish from a ganoe [canoe]


Don’t take my cookies without commission [permission]


My pregnant tooth is wiggly [permanent tooth]


Look, a free gift crouton!! [coupon]


School supplies

I remember well the days that we went to school with whatever pens and pencils we found lying around, and had textbooks and workbooks provided to us. These days we are sent lists of equipment, Sefarim, everything down to the number of staples you are supposed to send. My kids school has asked that I send each kid with 15 pencils on the first day of school. FIFTEEN!! Wow, they will be working hard for the first day for sure. We have to send Kleenex as well.


So I have added up what I spend on back to school, without clothing, and it’s a small fortune. But that is on top of the registration, book fees, photocopying fees, get-u-any-which-way fees, tuition – is it not cheaper to keep our kids home and home school them? Does it really make a difference whether they have a pink hi-liter or a blue one? Does the homework folder really have to be blue? Why can’t it have a picture on it?


There is a commercial that plays here that sings about it being the most wonderful time of the year, this back to school madness. Maybe for the stores, because they are raking it in! Maybe we are all fools because we give in, we do this bulk purchasing for our kids every single year. We never stand up to the schools and tell them enough is enough.


I should just thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to invest in uniforms. They have a dress code, but it’s pretty fluid. Pants, with no cargo pockets, no jeans, shirts with no pictures. High school is white shirts and dark pants.


Sigh. Remember that back to school smell from when we were kids? Those back to school butterflies? Would you want to be a kid again, but in today’s world?