Kids say the darndest things – part one

I was reminiscing with the kids today in the car about the funny things they have said as little ‘uns. My youngest mispronounced a word and they all corrected him. I told them that what he had said was cute, and he would eventually grow out of it. They didn’t agree, so I just gently reminded them of some of the things they mispronounced.


Ima, can you buy me gogulars? [goggles]


Snizzers [scissors]


Toy sauce [soy sauce]


Kvetchup [ketchup]


How many pounds do I waste? [how much do I weigh]


We will fish from a ganoe [canoe]


Don’t take my cookies without commission [permission]


My pregnant tooth is wiggly [permanent tooth]


Look, a free gift crouton!! [coupon]

6 responses to “Kids say the darndest things – part one

  1. i also used to think kids grow out of saying these funny things. until i had a bar mitzva student who kept on saying prostitutes instead of prophets.

  2. I like “kvetchup” and “gogulars”! Very cute.

  3. My father used to tell me to stand up on my own volition before I could walk. I ended up mispronouncing the word when I told it to my kindergarten Morah. Which adult can pronounce the world ‘volition’ anyhow? Family lore that makes me who I am today. I learned big words and mispronounced them.

  4. Those are so cute!
    My little sister says “snuper snack” instead of “super snack”, and “fruit look” instead of “fruit roll up”. Another one is “ridiculiculous” instead of “ridiculous”

  5. My two year old brightened my day today:
    2 year old: Abba, can you read?
    Me (thinking he was asking me to read a book to him): Sorry, no.
    2 year old: I can’t read too.

  6. When My brother was younger he used to say “I did it by a snake” instead of I did it by mistake.

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