Ode to Joy


Well, the day finally came. The children went back to school today. Hooray! And much tho they will deny it vehemently they were so thrilled to see all their friends again. I walked them into the school yard (how embarrassing can I be??) and helped them shlepp their stuff. Why do they have to bring everything on the first day of school? My six year olds back pack weighed more than ME!!


Ok so am I the only sap amongst parents who cries on the first day of school every year? I see them lining up to go into class and I get a huge lump in my throat. Every year they are that much bigger and need me that much less. My first grader (how is that even possible that he is in first grade??) turned to me after 2 minutes and said “It’s ok Ima you can go now, I don’t need you anymore”. Sniff. Rip my heart out why don’t you? I contained my tears until I got to the car, indulged in a little weep fest, wiped my eyes and squared my shoulders and told myself to get over it.


As I drove away from school I turned on the radio (the whole summer it has been on a Jewish music loop of Chevra and Six13, oh the joys of yeshivish boys) and what song was playing? Holiday by Madonna, followed by What a Feeling from Flashdance by Irene Cara. Perfect song choices. I am sure plenty parents were singing along to those this morning and smiling to themselves.


So happy back to school folks, enjoy the peace and quiet and the possibility of time to oneself – what is that again?


for your viewing pleasure :

 Madonna – Holiday

 Irene Cara – What a Feeling

6 responses to “Ode to Joy

  1. Just a thought…your blog is titled “In the Pink” Any reason why..and if so, why not have the backround of the blog pink.

  2. Jacob – its not pink because i havent found a way to transfer the template that i like to wordpress – still working on it.

    in the pink (or in your world IN DA PINK) because i am a girlie girl surrounded by testosterone to the power of 4, so everything has to be more feminized for me to balance out the maleness that is my home.

  3. My six-year-old starts 1st grade on Tuesday. Now you’re gonna get me crying…

  4. Well, “in da pink”, Da Jew doesn’t need to yell to get his point across.

    Unless its his 2 year old daughter , then its “STOP TRYING TO SMACK MY SON!”


  5. I always thought I was going to cry when they go off to school, but I never have. We homeschooled last year so I may actually eke out a tear when they go off to school next week after so much time together.

    When I am done drying that lone tear, I am going to go shopping. Or maybe just for a coffee. Alone. WOOHOO!!!!

    And yes, those two songs are rather perfect :o)

  6. and of course when i came home i danced like she did in flashdance. yep, i can move like that….. well, i still have the legwarmers from the 80s, thats a start right???

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