Soundtrack to my day

The journey home – Sarah Brightman 


Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx


L’chaim – fiddler on the roof


Together wherever we go – Gypsy


American Pie – Don MacLean


Layla – Eric Clapton


Thought I’d died and gone to heaven – Bryan Adams


Patricia the Stripper – Chris de Burgh (one of my all time feel good shout out loud songs)


Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield


My favourite things – Sound of Music


The way he makes me feel – Yentl/Barbra Streisand


The longest time – Billy Joel


Master of the House – Les Miserables


You are so beautiful – Joe Cocker


what are you listening to right now

4 responses to “Soundtrack to my day

  1. It’s been a whole lotta ABBA for me since seeing Mama Mia recently (“The Name Of The Game” right now), and a day can’t pass without me getting a Josh Groban fix.

    You’ve got some good songs in that list there. I’ve never heard Patricia The Stripper, but I may download it out of curiosity.

  2. i saw mamma mia movie 5 times ( i found a download of it, and i watched it over and over until it was pulled offline) – and i am a total ABBA freak. cannot wait till the movie is on DVD. I love Josh Groban too – Il Divo and Gregory Charles also in the same genre, they totally move me.

    (now i have the name of the game stuck in my head, thanks)

  3. I saw both the show and movie in the space of a month (and can’t wait to see either again.) I don’t know I never played ABBA for my kids before, they love it! Sorry about putting the name of the game in your head, but if it’s any solace, you’ve now passed it back to me.

    If you like Josh Groban you should make an effort to see him live. As amazing as he is in studio, he is even better and more powerful in person (I’m a bit of a fan ;o)

  4. John Denver – Thank G-d I’m a Country Boy!!! LOL

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