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Soundtrack Number 2

The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel


Bad day – Daniel Powter (sometimes I switch it to this one- Bad Shabbes)


Apologise – one republic


Cry Just a little bit – Shakin Stevens


The man with a child in his eyes – Kate Bush


I wanna know what love is – Foreigner


Hard to say I’m sorry – Chicago


We built this city – Starship


The Final Countdown – Europe


Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi


Have you ever really loved a woman – Bryan Adams


Ok so I like 80s music – so sue me LOL…(runs away to dance in her legwarmers and leotards!!)

Does your era define you?

Took this off Treppenwitz, and had so much fun walking down memory lane in my mini skirt and gogo boots.

Year you were born: 1973 (shhh its a secret lol)

Generation: I have no idea what we are called.

One or more national leaders that year: Ferdinand Marcos (Phillipines), Richard Nixon (USA), Edward Heath (UK)

Other big names of the day: Brezhnev, Kissinger,

News headlines from that year: offensive action in Vietnam suspended, US Supreme court overturns ban on abortion (Roe vs Wade), Tottenham Hotspurs wins the FLC at wembley (this is a historical moment), London Bridge is opened by her Majesty the Queen, Lexis Nexis starts, WTC in NYC is opened, Sears Tower in Chicago is finished, Deep Throat retires from FBI, DEA is founded, movie American Graffiti is released, Yom Kippur war, Princess Ann married a commoner, homosexuality is removed from the DSM-II, OJ Simpson first to rush 2000 yards (that’s good, right?)

Books from the crib:  all the Noddy books and anything else by Enid Blyton. (just to note, not that I read it then, but Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying was published this year)

Cutting-edge technological of that era: Skylab was launched – first ever spacestation, Barcodes launched, Optical Fibers, Intel chip.

Not-so-cutting-edge technology of the era: 8 tracks – remember those?

Omni-present then… but missing in action now:  Elvis Presley, Charlie perfume, rotary dial phones, funky psychedelic pants (shudder), platform shoes, glam rock clothes a la Gary Glitter (more shuddering), chopper bikes,

Odd things in your baby albums:  men with huge hair and shoes with heels and lots of facial hair esp sideburns, tiny cars, crazy funky clothing on the grown ups (what were they thinking?!!), big huge eyeglasses, huge angel sleeved blouses (could hide lots of things in there), toy guns.

Smells that take you back: Charlie perfume, mothballs (shrug), coconut, oh what’s the soap called – Leather something…… Imperial leather, that’s it!

Sounds you were raised on: Beatles, Elvis, Simon and Garfunkel, Rolling Stones

The electronic babysitter (TV and/or radio):  Doctor Who, The Archers, Alistair Cooke’s letter from America, last of the summer wine, are you being served, Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em.

Earliest memories: Waking up in the night at the age of 2 to find that my dolly’s arm had fallen off, still scarred to this day.

Leave us with a quote: Childhood:  the period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth – two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age.  ~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911


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Frumster Files part 60875

I have been pondering and pontificating of late, doing some serious navel gazing. Unfortunately nothing earth shattering has occurred to me. But I have been thinking about dating, a lot, (so what’s new there LOL!!) and I would like your input.


Most often in the dating world, especially in the religious dating world, the person that we date is close to the right one, not totally wrong, just not right, but each is one step closer to the true beshert. So if it doesn’t work out then usually we can either remain friends (something frowned upon in our community) or even think of a friend to recommend to him or her to date. These guys and gals are usually wonderful people, just not right for us.


We also have laws of Lashon Horah. We are not to speak badly about anyone. The laws for LH when it concerns a shidduch get complicated. What would you do if you dated someone who was really lovely but just had an “interesting” idiosyncrasy that you couldn’t deal with, but you think your friend who s/he is now dating could handle, but would need to be warned first. Do you tell your friend, or do you wait for her to find out in her own time? Or if you know your friend is dating someone totally wrong for her, do you speak up, or just help her pick up the pieces after?


What if you date someone who totally checked out, seemed legit, and after dating them for a while you realize that this person is not stable, that they have major issues that preclude any healthy relationship from happening, with you or anyone else, and you therefore discontinue the relationship? If you knew s/he was dating someone else who was totally unaware of these major concerns, do you have a duty to speak up, whether or not you know this person? If you felt that the person was in physical or emotional danger?


Thing is though, even if you spoke up and warned this person, where is the guarantee that your warning would be heeded? We all know that in the beginning of a relationship everyone is on their very best behaviour, and there is no way that the negative character traits would be apparent at this early stage. How could you get your friend or a stranger to listen to you, without transgressing the laws of LH, and without having him/her run to said person to say “you know what s/he said about you………..” and run the chance of ruining your own friendship with this person (if you had one) or opening yourself up to have your reputation trashed by unstable person? If you went through heartache because of someone, wouldn’t you want to help another person avoid the same pain? But is it playing G-d?


I would so love to know what you all think. This shidduch business is sooooo not easy. I just wish on Frumster there was some way of leaving feedback on all the people you date – great guy, but no chemistry; crazed lunatic but can party all night; ooh this guy is romantic and a great date but will never commit – if there was a rating system we could all save ourselves a lot of heartache.


just a little footnote, i came across this site that can so be abused, but it has the right idea. 

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