Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

A quick funny!

we were at the restaurant the other night for dinner before we went out of town, and the littlest dude who is 6 asked me for some money for the candy machines.  i told him no, telling him i was sorry but “i am broke”. his response “Ima you’re broke? don’t you worry, i am gonna fix you” and he proceeded to kiss me a thlousand [sic] pregnant kisses. He is just so absolutely squishable!!

and in other news……….

ok, my internet time is running out here at Charles De Gaulle Airport. I have to say i love the fact that i had the opportunity to check my emails, to blog, to facebook and to just surf. this has been a very very long day and is far from over


Vacation Day One – from Paris

Our flight to Paris was delayed 4 hours, thus making us miss our connection to Tel Aviv, so we are now arrriving 7 hours behind schedule.  Please excuse the typos; i have a limited time on the internet and the lettering on the french keyboards is so diffferent.

this was my sons first flight delay and he is handling it like a trouper. they gave us each a 25 dollar food voucher to ease the pain of the delay. slight prob – no kosher food, but it covered beer quite nicely!

I am in Paris for the first time in my life and i feel no romance, maybe because i am with my son LOL???

i am getting very frustrated with this keyboard – if i could figure out how to use wifi it would be much easier to post.

Son couldnt be happier – they have a nintendo playstation set up where you can play for free – guess i wont see him, until it is time to board!

i will write more when i can get set up properly.