Frumster Files 60877

Well, imagine my surprise when last motzei Shabbat, while in Israel (7 hours ahead of North America) I logged onto Frumster (after adding a line to my profile saying “currently in Israel) to check my email there, to find, not only Israelis online, but also people from back home. See, on Frumster there is a function that allows you to see who else is online, especially in your chosen age and geographical location. I guess I need to be Dan LeChaf Zechut. Maybe these guys just forgot to turn of their computers before Shabbat and so therefore just happened to appear online, but that doesn’t explain how at 4 pm EST there were some new log ins, from places like NJ and NY and these guys specify in their profile that they are either shomer mitzvoth, modern ortho machmir and there was even one yeshivish black hat.

 Now, us Shomrei Shabbat Kehilchatah folks would never find out that the people we might be interested in dating are not exactly keeping Shabbat, because we wouldn’t be online on Shabbat and would therefore not know that they were.

 I am thinking that perhaps Frumster needs to shut down over Shabbat – at least during Shabbat where there are the most Frumster members – like North America. There are plenty of websites that don’t process business orders or the like over Shabbat in their time zone, perhaps Frumster can do the same?

 What are your thoughts? (and yes, if any of those guys were to contact me I would have had to have said no)

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7 responses to “Frumster Files 60877

  1. On the contrary: how would you find out someone is a hypcrite? leave it as it is. Furthermore: why should we europeans suffer because you think that the americans cannot be shomer shabbat?????????????????????

  2. WOW…somewhat shocking…and sort of confusing for you, if you’re “shopping around” for a proper shidduch for yourself.

    Frumster should shut down over Shabbos, but they’d be down for a long time, considering all the different international time zones that people would be located in over Shabbos — some marking Shabbos hours ahead, others marking Shabbos hours behind. It’s a tough call all around.

    Guess you have to mark those particular guys off your list…

  3. Isn’t shoshi right? if the site was closed on Shabbat, who would know how hypocrital these guys are?

  4. I was thinking today, maybe these men are from NJ or other states but at the time of the log in and the creation of their profiles they were in another time zone on vacation. In that case they are keeping Shabbos like they say.

  5. since i blogged this i have been thinking about it more, and you all raise great points. there is a possibility that all these guys were on vacation in Israel or a time zone ahead of the states hence the ability to be online at the same time i was. but all of them, thats a reach. closing down frumster over shabbat has its good and bad points. it would have to be closed down for a long time given all the time zones, as pearl pointed out, but also, it gave me an opportunity to cross a couple of guys off my list – just because of this doubt. i specified in the first line of my profile that i was in israel – so no one should doubt that i was shomeret shabbat. if they were all also on vacation in a diff time zone, surely they should have done the same?

  6. Hi well I don’t know how many and you are right they should have.

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