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Open Letter to Ex-date

Yes, as a writer, I take plenty of poetic license. I find the writing process to be cathartic and therapeutic.


Nowhere in any of my blog posts have I ever mentioned names or identifying details. (other than the dude being male). To me mentioning names is wrong and unethical. Believe me when I say that I would love nothing better than to name names, but I won’t.


That being said, for you to email me, to take me to task about “misrepresenting” what really happened, I find that extremely self centred. What’s that Carly Simon song? “you’re so vain you probably think this song is about you”?


Who says my blogs were about you, dude? Are you the only guy I dated recently? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe while you were double / triple timing me, I was doing the same to you? If you see yourself in the pages of my blog, perhaps you had better ask yourself how come you are so sure I am writing about you, yet, everything I have written, according to you “was a perversion of events”. Interesting conundrum, eh?


But don’t flatter yourself. An email from you isn’t going to restart a dialogue. Heck, even an anonymous email from a fictitious email account isn’t going to scare me either. Nor will a deluge of emails.

 I honestly believe you cannot help the way you are. You see things your way and all other viewpoints are wrong, in your oh so humble opinion.


I have done my venting, my ranting and raving. I got it all out the way I needed to – in a healthy way – and I have moved on. We had some wonderful moments. They ended. We had some crappy moments too. They ended too thankfully. Things were said and done. But, dude, it’s over. LET IT GO. Stop emailing me, stop anonymously contacting me – you need to move on too. (I have suggestions of how you should move on, but I have a feeling that you would be less than receptive to my ideas at this time).


I will not respond to threats however thickly or thinly veiled they are. I will not reply to your emails that try to justify your behaviour or accuse me of perverting the course of events. Again, my blog, my view. Now please, let this matter rest, and let’s go into the Aseret Yemei Teshuvah with open hearts.


[Ed’s note, this situation seems to have resolved itself (jury is still out tho, time will tell), but I still had to share my thoughts]

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