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i have set up a new carnival for Jewish Mothers – written for and by Jewish Mothers, on every topic applicable.

please register your blog posts here for inclusion in the first My Yiddishe Mama carnival, to be posted in the first week of november. you can register your own, or someone elses. discretion is left to the host. 

if you wish to be a future host of the yiddishe mama carnival please let me know.

the BlogCarnival site is down, so please email your links to hadassahsabo@hotmail.com

thanks so much!


In Praise of Boys

Ok, up until now I have referred to my kids as son #1, #2 etc. I think we need to personalize them a bit, while still safeguarding their privacy.


So son #1 has now been cybernamed as Pigeon. I have my reasons, I just hope he won’t mind LOL.


So this post is about Pigeon and his wonderful best friend who we shall call Blessing. I had a crazy day today. I worked this morning, ran home, ran to do errands and more errands, did the groceries, and by the time I got home was exhausted. The idea of shlepping all those groceries up to the 9th floor, alone, was enough to make me cry. Pigeon and Blessing were at the apartment as school had finished early, due to the Fast. I called them on my way home, asked them to meet me at the garage with a shopping cart to help.


I pulled in to the garage, they were both there waiting for me, with smiles. Before I had even got out of the car, they were unloading the groceries into the cart. I did not have to touch groceries until they were unpacked on my kitchen table. Can you believe these boys? They helped me without complaint. Whatever I asked of them they did. You need more laundry tokens Ima? Let me go get them for you……


They were fasting and playing Nintendo Wii – yet they stopped it all to help me. Without grumbling or rolling eyes.


I just had to share. As much as we complain that our kids make extra work and never listen – when they do listen, we need to make note of it, praise them a lot, so that it happens again.


Blessing went home, and Pigeon continued to be his lovely helpful self. Long may this continue. Hopefully one day all my boys will make great husbands.


End of proud jewish momma post!!!