Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

In praise of Boys part 2

I didn’t think I would be writing another praiseworthy post so soon (boys can so be boys sometimes LOL), but they went and reduced me to tears this time.


My two oldest – Pigeon and Duckie – finished school today at 12, and I just got home at 2. I had asked them to do a few little chores while at home alone, thinking I would be lucky if anything got done.


I walked in the door and they both yelled out “Surprise!!” – the Shabbat table was set – with dishes and napkins and napkin rings too!! The living room was spic and span, as was the kitchen and bathroom, they even tidied up their bedrooms!!  And on the table, wrapped up beautifully was a long stemmed red rose for me.


They had noticed the recipe book open in the kitchen to a page with a favourite cake recipe, and they organized all the ingredients on the counter to make it easy for me.


They told me that they know how hard I have been working, yet with all of that I still make time to make them all feel special. They gave me this whole speech about how much they love me and respect me. Then they told me that I must not get up from the table tonight, that they will serve the meal. They will even, so I am told, bring me the water and basin for washing Netillat Yadayim.


What is there to say, except that I am blessed beyond words. I must remember this when they are busy torturing each other or bringing mud into the house, or drowning frogs in the toilet.


Shabbat Shalom everyone! (off to dry a happy tear or three).