Daily Archives: October 9, 2008

Yom Kippur Reflections

They did it again, my boys. They humbled me beyond belief with their excellent behaviour over the Fast. I always think that I could not possibly be prouder of them, and they unknowingly strive to prove me wrong!!


We had a wonderful seudat mafseket together – and I bensched my boys before leaving for shul. Bensching them on a Friday night always brings a tear to my eye, so you can imagine how emotional it was for me bensching them before the most awesome day of the year.


We arrived at shul, and separated. The boys were sitting together on the other side of the mechitzah, and thanks to the newly installed one way glass mechitzah I was at least able to see what they were doing, and what was going on in the service. At one point I was quite concerned, as I only saw Pigeon (with his hat brim turned up – it so annoys me LOL), and I knew Puffin was in the back room with some little buddies. After a while I found Duckie and Woodpecker – they were sitting with a family friend, who had seen them look a little lost, so he took them under his wing, and made sure they knew the place. I was so grateful! I knew they were in safe hands so I was able to get back to concentrating on my davening.


What a blessing it is to be able to pray to our G-d freely, without worry of being caught or persecuted for believing in Him. I was thinking about that today. Our ancestors at one time or another suffered for being Jewish and serving G-d, do we even realize today how very lucky we are, that we can take the day off work, go to shul, and not have a second of worry about being “caught”? Do we even appreciate the freedom of religion that we have?


This morning the boys left for shul, each being responsible for themselves, and Duckie taking care of Puffin, making sure he was ok. My middle two sons fasted till 1 pm, at which time they came home with Puffin, to eat and to rest up a little. They were here till 5, but were so quiet and so well behaved that it was almost surprising when they came to say they were leaving to go to mincha. Puffin wanted to go back to shul too, so I let him go. When they all came home after the Fast was over they told me how amazingly well Puffin had behaved in shul – he was so proud of himself. The boys set up for the Break Fast meal, wouldn’t let me lift a finger. Pigeon was so thrilled to break his fast on my chicken soup. He said it was miracle cure!


Again, I have to acknowledge my community for keeping an eye on my boys during davening, making sure they didn’t feel alone, or lost. It was beyond me to make it to shul today, but I knew that the boys would take care of each other, and that our friends in the shul would be there for them if needed. They were offered the choice to stay home with me, but they chose to go to shul to daven. They wanted so much to be part of the service. They not only did me proud, but they did themselves proud.


Now we get to look forward to Shabbat and next week comes Sukkot. I am so excited for Sukkot – although this time of year it can get very chilly out there. Especially up here on this frozen Canadian tundra of ours!!


I hope you all had a meaningful and easy fast, and may we merit to be spending all future holidays in Jerusalem with the coming of Moshiach. Amen!