Daily Archives: October 25, 2008


I have written before about the positive impact I feel my community has had on my life. I continue to be amazed and inspired by these wonderful people around me.


This Shabbat I was alone, my kids were spending time with their other parent. I went to shul, and when shul was over I started walking home, uphill, in the rain, planning to eat a quick solitary meal and go take a long Shabbat afternoon nap, possibly helped by a shot or two of Glenfiddich. I bumped into a friend who was on her way to friends for lunch. She asked me where I was headed and why were the boys not with me. She insisted she bring me along to the friends house for lunch. I felt a little weird, not wanting to impose without an invitation, but I knew these people and I knew it would not be a problem.


So we trudged back down the hill in the pouring rain and showed up famished and starving – for more than food, for warmth and friendship too. They were so pleased that I came, thrilled that their guest felt comfortable enough to bring another guest. This family really embodies Hachnassat Orchim – welcoming of the guests. There were a lot of us around the table, and the conversation was lively and stimulating. The food was excellent too. I was made to feel so welcome, that I forgot I imposed myself.


It was so much better to join in this meal that to sit at home alone, even though I don’t mind my own company. I even got to sample some other single malts that I don’t stock at home. I still like Glenfiddich the best. When I left their house I had a warm glow about me – and it wasn’t the whiskey. I truly feel blessed that I know such kind hearted people. People who do mitzvoth because they want to, because they feel closer to G-d. I still feel all warm and fuzzy – it’s a great place to be. Life is so good, I am so appreciative of all that I have.


Shavuah Tov everyone, may this week be a wonderful week for all of us.