Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

Do you Wii?

Seriously, do you Wii? My kids were gifted this awesome babysitter…erm…..game system on the occasion of Pigeon’s barmitzvah, and it has been a total godsend. They were given a set of rules that they have to adhere to, and for the most part they do.


So a little while ago, Pigeon has some minor surgery and in a moment of sheer terror on my part, and to prevent him from fainting, I promised him anything he wanted. He asked for a new Wii game, and I readily agreed. Afterwards he regretted asking for just a game, he said I would have given him a laptop if he had asked for it. Just as well he didn’t…because he is totally right, I would have. (and laptops don’t come cheap……)


I am very proud of the fact that I tend to keep my promises (and carry out my threats when necessary) to my kids, I won’t make a promise if I know that there is no hope of me keeping it. So recently I was gently reminded that I have yet to make good on this one. I was just waiting for them to decide which game they wanted.


There is a lego version of a Star Wars game, an “ultimate edition”, and this is what he wanted. So I scoured the local shops until I found the one we were looking for. The kids are firmly entrenched playing this game, having given me limitless hugs and kisses for my generosity. Apparently I am the best mother, blah blah.


Thing is, the other day at dinner, they decided that they needed to introduce me to the Wii-ing world. I don’t have patience for these game systems, plus I have no time to play them. I would much rather crochet, write or bake, or even WasteBook than sit in front of a screen and kill things. But seeing as these little folks are my children, and it was suppertime, and I do encourage them to “share” when we eat together, I had to listen. So they were all talking about a certain game they had all played, and they wanted me to understand the premise of said game, and they so kindly told me all the little hidden tricks to use. It took major effort to stop my eyes from being obviously glazed over. I have NO interest whatsoever in Ben10 or whatever. I guess for me this conversation was as uncomfortable as it would have been for my boys listening to me and my girlfriends talk about lingerie…..


After 15 minutes (15 minutes? I deserve a medal) of listening to this, I finally told my kids “I am so glad that you get so much enjoyment from C and D’s gift, and I am thrilled that you want to share it with me, but I cannot follow this conversation. Just know that I want you to be happy.”


Apparently that was enough. They understand. I made sure to explain that there are a lot of females out there that would love to learn about the games and the tricks etc, just not this female. And I then encouraged them to NOT go out looking for girls to share the games with, not just yet………