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Welcome to the Yiddishe Mama Blog Carnival, Inaugural Edition

I read a lot of blogs, many of them written by fellow Jewish mommies, so I wanted to create a carnival of some great articles, so other people can enjoy their wise words of wisdom. When I was ending primary school back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we sang My Yiddishe Mama as part of our end of year show. I wanted to kick off the party with a quote from that song “Oh I know that I owe what I am today; To that dear little lady so old and gray; To that wonderful Yiddishe Mama, Mama of mine.”


Love ‘em or get guilted by ‘em, us Jewish folks all have or had one, and we owe them so much.


(I would like to dedicate this first edition to my own mother who sacrificed so much to bring us up, and if I say so myself, she did a darn fine job)




First up we have Juggling Frogs talking about how awards for the worst mommy generally mean the opposite.


A Living Nadneyda  gives us a play by play on her kids dealing with the unfairness of life in a Secret Scoreboard .


Becca Glouzstein of Inspiration for Mothers.com asks, is your child an eagle or a chicken? Ways to teach your child who s/he is.


A Mother in Israel talks about the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling a large family.




Isramom shares with us the profoundly moving experience of being with her baby as she brought forth the next generation into the world


This is my own post about watching my son practicing laying tefillin before his barmitzvah.




Ruti Mizrachi, in her blog Ki Yachol Nuchal, talks about their first year in Israel – and brotherly love.  


RivkA, of Coffee and Chemo, talks about the amazing faith of a little child.


This carnival is not a huge one but quality always wins out over quantity, but I am hoping that in the future there will be many more quality submissions. Please go here to submit an article for the next Yiddishe Mama Carnival.



My kids favourite guilt-inducing chicken-soup-making booboo-kissing Yiddishe Mama.