Woman / Man

My thoughts are deeply private

Yet you think them

My feelings leak out

Through my eyes and face.


I tremble

You sense it in your own body

I smile

Your face lights up.


My pain you take as yours

My joy cheers your mood

I cannot think nor feel

By myself anymore.


In me you see

The embodiment of woman

Because for me

You are the essence of man.


What is this thing called love?

How does it invade every fibre?

How wonderful it is to feel

Unconditionally and truly loved.

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5 responses to “Woman / Man

  1. Did your children not cry when you divorced?

    So you and your ex made them cry?

    So why do you want vendetta on someone else who makes them cry, but are complacent to yourself who also makes them sometimes cry?

  2. There is a misconception in the Chareidi world, that if you can learn you can teach. All Rebbeim should be required to take education courses given by real educators not other Rebbeim.

  3. Why not? Lack of money, I imagine. That’s generous-spirited on my part. When a Jewish school portrays itself as G-d’s gift to education, yet still employs these loser types, that’s what gets my hackles up.

  4. Its because many of the Charedi world are too arrogant to admit that they need more than just a Jewish education to make them into inspiring Jewish Studies teachers.

  5. How dare you imply that Hadassah is complacent to her children’s emotions!?! You obviously know nothing of the caliber of her motherhood, nor the loving atmosphere she works so hard to create in her home. I dare say you have no children, or you’d understand the pain of seeing your child cry- regardless of the reason.
    This latest incident, as with most others, I prefer to think of as more done out of ignorance than arrogance.
    Knowing the children as I do, they are strong and morally upright people. They have a very strong sense of morality and a sense of justice. They show an incredible maturity way beyond their young years. This is mostly due to H treating her children as people, and not as “little bothersome creatures” as many parents do.
    Inflicting emotional pain, whether to an adult, or to a child, is NEVER an excuse for ignorance. The Torah teaches us to be empathetic and to work hard to put ourselves in other’s shoes- NOT to judge. It’s really a shame that you don’t know the woman behind her words- if you did, you’d see an incredible person, a strong mother, and a loving friend.

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