An expensive lesson

Regular readers will recall that way back in the summer, I drove the kids down to Lake George for a final hurrah, and we had a blast at the Six Flags there. Read the original post here . What I didn’t tell you back then was that on the way back home we got a speeding ticket. Yep, that’s right, this Ima has a heavy foot. I was driving 83 mph in a 65 mph zone. The policewoman was right to give me a lecture, and even though the kids thought it was so cool that we were pulled over by a police car with lights and sirens, it really wasn’t cool. There is never an excuse for speeding, and I apologized to the kids immediately. I was also issued a ticket for a seatbelt offense, which I could have fought, because I believe she was wrong (she objected to how one of the kids was buckled) but the hassle wasn’t worth it.


Anyhow, we came back, and I promptly forgot about the ticket what with one thing and another. I was recently driving down to NY with a friend and happened to mention that I had a ticket that I hadn’t paid, and that it really wasn’t clear on the ticket how much was due, and how to pay it. This friend, who lives in NY, offered to find out the info for me, so that I could take care of it. Apparently in NY if you have two unpaid speeding tickets you could lose your license. Even though I have a Canadian license, I would rather not be pulled over in NY for another infraction, for them to immediately suspend my license. That would kind of put a damper on any plans I might have.


I got the news today – my heavy foot and my laissez faire behaviour cost me the equivalent of 2 gloriously hot pairs of shoes. Ouch. Half of that was late fees. I had to fax the courthouse back and forth to get it taken care of – pleading guilty to both counts (I feel like a criminal, and maybe I should, because I should not have been speeding).


Moral of the story – don’t speed, and if you are caught doing something wrong, own up to it, apologize if necessary, and be more careful in future.


Those shoes would have been so cute, but now the Ausable courthouse can go buy themselves a cute new pair or two……i hope they appreciate them as much as i would.


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