When it rains it pours!

Attention single guys / girls! Get a blog and write on it. Write about your dating woes! You know why? People eventually start emailing you with suggestions for a shidduch. Initially I was very skeptical of all suggestions that came my way through this method, but when the same guy was suggested by 4 different online people (and two “real life” people) I was very surprised. Truth is I already dated this particular guy (let’s call him George Clooney because he is kinda dreamy) and he is a lovely man, but it didn’t work out for us (I think he is still single, I would totally recommend him. Drop me an email for more deets, I hope that’s ok George!).


I think it’s all about networking and getting yourself out there. Frumster and LayDate are very good tools if used wisely and with your head well screwed on. Shidduch suggestions can come from just about anywhere. And if the suggestion is not appropriate for you, please think of all your other single friends, and / or people you have dated that you know are still looking. You may not have been right for them, but you might know someone who is. It’s all about who you know, and who who you know knows.


Good luck and happy dating.

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5 responses to “When it rains it pours!

  1. I also believe that blogging is a good means of “meeting” people. I think it is better than classical dating websites, because it is not so monothematical.

    It allows you to get to know aspects of a person that would perhaps not come up in pure shidduch-dating.

  2. What a great ideal. Surprised that online posters knew someone that you had already dated and suggested him.

  3. I don’t have the answer here about all the baggage, but when it comes to kids i think you should be upfront from the beginning. Children are the biggest brocha and you need to find a match that feels the same from the very beginning. Just my opinion.

  4. oops i meant to post that on the “secrets and lies post”

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