Daily Archives: December 6, 2008


It is with great pleasure that the four delicious and delectable sons of Ms Hadassah Sabo announce her very recent engagement to Mr King of Diamonds. The couple were blessed to have met through the internet, on Frumster, a scant few minutes before Ms Sabo decided to give up her Frumster membership. KoD had emailed her asking if she still wished to correspond, since she had removed her profile. She replied in the affirmative, and a relationship was born.


KoD is a lovely man, and he proposed to our mother in the most romantic way possible. He asked us first, in secret, if we would give him our mother’s hand in marriage, and when we all enthusiastically agreed, he had the green light to ask our Ima.


KoD went down on bended knee, in front of us while we lit candles and took pictures and jumped up and down and were totally hyper, and asked our mommy to marry him, and he had a ring and everything! Ima was crying so hard she forgot to say yes, so we said yes for her!


We are so proud of our Ima, and we love her so much, we are just so thrilled for her and for us and for her King of Diamonds. Ima found herself a wonderful gem of a man, one who is going to treat her as she deserves to be treated, and in a manner to which she can definitely become accustomed. She found herself a dude who can Wii – ‘nuff said!


Welcome to the family King of Diamonds!!!!


(Ima, do we have to wear a suit for the wedding….?)