Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Oh Deer!



As you know we had an eventful weekend. After KoD left on Sunday night it became even more eventful. About an hour after he drove away, my heart tucked safely in his pocket, he called me. “I was in an accident, I am ok, I hit a deer, the car is totaled”. I asked him where he was, he told me. He also told me that he called 911. I was worried about the driving conditions Sunday – there was a lot of snow. I didn’t think about the “chayot raot” – wild animals that we talk about in tefillat haderech!


So KoD is driving along the highway, just past the border, and this whole family of deer just come out of nowhere and run across the highway. KoD had no option but to drive straight. To the right was the ditch, to the left another deer. So he hit the poor deer head on, and it totally crumpled the front end of the car. The airbag deployed. It must have been terrifying. One of those things that you see happening and cannot do a darn thing to stop it from happening. So KoD managed to pull to the side of the road and waited for help to arrive.


Seeing as he was only an hour away from me I offered to go pick him up. A family friend, lets call him Denis, offered to drive me down, knowing that I was too emotional to be able to concentrate, and knowing there was a storm in progress.


A few minutes later (seemed like hours to me) KoD called me back, told me he was safe and sound in the State Troopers car, and that the trooper, lets call him Trooper McDuff, would take him to the nearest motel, and he would rent a car in the morning. KoD had told him of my offer and the Trooper McDuff decided he wanted to speak to me. By this point I was a total wreck – knowing that he said he was fine, but seeing it for myself are two different things. “Ma’am, I wouldn’t even let my wife drive in this weather. I have been on shift since 430 and have already investigated several accidents. Your man is fine, all his parts are in working order. I know there is no stopping a determined woman, but please don’t drive out in this weather”. (I think just before this conversation I had texted KoD that he should allow me to rescue him…..me? little puny me? Oh I must be in love or something)


I had to heed the trooper. He and KoD had shared a laugh or two by this time, and I had to trust that KoD was really ok, he sounded fine, if a little shaky (I would have been hysterical by this point). I believe Trooper McDuff also told him that it would totally have sucked had KoD proposed and I said no and then he hit a deer on the way home. So at least I said yes.


This state trooper was a shining example of helping a person in need. He was so helpful to my KoD! He drove him all the way to the motel, after the tow truck came. Trooper McDuff was a former EMT so he checked him out physically too. He went above and beyond the call of duty for my man. We have his name, so I hope to drop him a card of thanks.


I spoke to KoD once he got to the motel and he was fine, over the shock and the adrenalin rush. He told the receptionist what happened and she was nice enough to give him a discount on his room. He stayed the night, spoke with the insurance company, and rented a car in the morning and drove back home, straight to work actually, arriving safe and sound.


He kept assuring me he was fine (maybe because I kept asking him if he was sure he was fine). And Praise The Lord he is mighty fine…….. I am so grateful to the one above that He was watching over my KoD – there are so many stories of car vs deer and deer winning, humans losing. For him to have come out of this without a scratch is truly a blessing, a miracle even. For sure he will be bensching gomel this weekend!


While I was waiting for him to get back in touch with me after the initial phonecall, my two oldest were sitting with me. I was so worried and scared. The oldest went to go get tehillim, and then they both sat with their arms around me telling me that he will be ok. Pigeon actually said that he would watch the boys if I needed to drive down to bring KoD back. They refused to go to sleep until they heard that their future stepdaddy was safe and sound and warmed up. But their secondary concern – where did the deer go? And that we have no answer, for he wasn’t anywhere on the highway.


I would not have known what to do…. I would probably have tried to swerve to avoid the deer. Apparently KoD did the right thing in hitting it head on, according to Trooper McDuff! Would you have known how to handle this situation?


All the mazel tov wishes and messages have been awesome! KoD and I want to thank you all for the warmth and support you have shown us, those who know us in real life, and those of you who “know” me through my blog, FB and / or Twitter.  Your excitement has been a wonderful boost to us!


Stay tuned for wedding details etc – I am sure I will need to pick your brains often. Right now we want to stay on our Cloud Nine for a while.


May we celebrate many more simchas together.