Daily Archives: December 15, 2008

Blended Weekend

Well, those of you who follow the craziness that is my life, well, you should know that we all – the Queen of Hearts clan – drove down to Monsey to visit the King Of Diamonds in his home territory and meet his princesses and prince. All of you who know me well couldn’t be more thrilled that I get to be (step)momma to a couple of adorable little girls as well as another yummy prince without going through the pain of labour.


My adorably yummy little princes had decided that they all wanted to say at KoDs house, without me. Of course I had to explain why I couldn’t sleep over there. KoDs oldest princess asked the same question and then told me “but you don’t have to sleep in the same bed”. There are ways of doing things correctly, and it was a pain in the neck to sleep somewhere else, but I am proud that our seven(!) kids see us doing the right thing.


I have to say, folks, that it was a normal weekend. What do I mean by that? Normal, in the sense that it didn’t feel weird. It felt natural and right. KoD took the 5 princes to shul Friday night, while I stayed home and bonded with the princesses. And bond we did – they are so delicious and smart and cute and funny and so full of love. At one point they were both sitting on my lap. I read them the fairytale of how their dad and I met – their eyes were so round, and once they realized who were the stars of the tale they were even more spellbound!


KoD sang Shalom Aleichem and Eishet Chayil (my princes sang along too) and we both bensched our kiddies before kiddush. It just seemed as if we had done it many times before. It was so awesome to sit at the end of the table and see so many kids, feel the love emanating from them to us and back again. At one point KoD and I were staring into each others eyes (I know, pass the bucket, vomit vomit) and the oldest princess was gazing back and forth from him to me, with a look of awe and wonder on her face. It was a cool moment.


The kids all got along famously for the whole weekend – it was a new feeling trying to get 7 kids between the ages of 6 and 13 to bed before 11 on Friday night – but KoD and I rocked it!! Then I slunk out to the neighbours house for a few hours of sleep, to return bleary eyed at 7 the next morning so the menfolk could go to the early minyan and i could watch the rest of the clan. (the QoH does NOT do early Shabbat mornings, not for ANYONE. Yet here she was, fully dressed and bewigged at KoDs doorstep before 7 am on a Saturday. Aint love grand? (and blind, deaf, dumb and stupid too!))


Shabbat was just perfect. We attended a barmitzvah kiddush in the shul, we ate out at friends – people who were not phased at feeding all nine of us in addition to their own crew. Shabbat afternoon found KoD and I sitting on the sofa in his / our living room surrounded by children – I reckon at the busiest point there were 13 of them in the house?!! We loved every second of it!


One of the highlights for me came Saturday night when the oldest princess asked me to brush her hair after her shower, and then to braid it. As a mom of boys this was a humungous dream come true.  Afterward I sat in the living room crocheting – and was rewarded by them thinking I was the most awesomest woman in the world because I know how to crochet. I promised them scarves – this royal family will be very warmly dressed.


Going home was tough, because I felt at home there, with KoD and his family. But it isn’t for long. We are planning to get together real soon again – and my princes cannot wait. They actually cannot wait to move down there and live in the awesome neighbourhood where we were! They were excellent on the drive -6 hours each way – and I am so very proud of them.


Wedding is set for February, hall and caterer booked……….watch this space…..we are looking into streaming it live, for those of you who asked…….if you have technological know how pls email me and let me pick your brain.