Blocked Toilet – a metaphor for true love?

So one thing that happened this weekend was that one of the toilets got clogged up. These things happen, right? Luckily there were other facilities to be used, so no one had to cross their legs for long.


After Shabbat was over, the problem needed to be taken care of. Neither the king nor the queen wished to soil their hands in dealing with this issue. The king didn’t want to do it, but didn’t want his queen doing it either. A discussion was had that delayed the whole ordeal for another half an hour.


Finally the queen had had enough of talking about it, and decided to just bite the bullet and take the plunge…


Without going into too much detail, she plunged and cleaned and plunged and cleaned some more and ended up 90 minutes later in desperate need of a shower and the plumber’s phone number. (and a bucket to vomit in….)


Please don’t think that while the Queen was sticking her arm down a clogged toilet that KoD was sitting on his behind doing nothing. He was actually vacuuming and doing laundry (I would much rather stick my hand down a loo than vacuum) and watching all the kids. He came by the bathroom a few times to offer (and try to insist) to take my place, but I figured it was enough that one of us had to wrestle with this particular porcelain throne.


I gave up. But learned a lesson – if you love someone enough you will get stinky and smelly for / instead of them, and not let it affect how you feel about them.


(ok so when the King tried to be sweet and say something lovely after I left the blocked bathroom, I was not at my best, so the sweet nothings I whispered in his ear came out a little louder and really sounded like I was telling him to P!ss off……but he took it like a champ.)

One response to “Blocked Toilet – a metaphor for true love?

  1. So what did the plumber have to say?

    I may household I would have plunged, fixed, then vacuumed and then done the laundry, but that’s another story.

    I woul dinvest in a good 8 foot “snake” for the next time it gets clogged.

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