Just wanted to revisit some of my favourite blog postings – from the early days 9 months ago when I first started this enterprise until now. Re reading them has been awesome – how things can change in such a small amount of time!


Here  I wrote about my love for coffee – and it has just grown and matured ever since.


I wrote about Prince Pigeon putting on tefillin here  for the first time. Every time I read this piece I remember every feeling and emotion I had at that time.


Rereading this post cracked me up do us divorcees rate, especially now that I am getting married and have found the man of my dreams.


Here are my two favourite poems – Friday Night Lights  and In Awe of Life


My prayer at the Kotel.


And to end off, my fave post about my special princes.

Have a wonderful day! 


One response to “Reminiscing

  1. Enjoy in good health, all you in the royal court.
    Chodesh Tov
    Chanukah Sameach
    and Mazaltov of course

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