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Name change

Alright, I have been informed I need to change my boys’ nicknames.

Pigeon is now to be known as Prince Lenny (his choice)
Duckie is to be known as Prince Squiggy (his choice)
Woodpecker to be known as Prince HockeyFan
Puffin to be known as Prince Chatterbox

I love to write

i_love_your_blog6 I love to write, and i love getting recognized for it. I got another award!!  The Babysitter awarded me a blog award. Read the lovely things she says here!

Weekend Wonders – Part Three



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Sunday morning I had the honour of waking up at 7 am, in order to text KoD to make sure he woke up in order to make it to minyan on time in order to pray to G-d. I had to wake up Prince Pigeon too, as he was to go to shul with KoD. For once the prince listened to me without kvetching – the idea of just he and KoD going to shul together was a total blessing for him.


I found it tough getting up this morning –the coffee just wasn’t kicking in well enough. The few hours that KoD wasn’t with me, well, I just felt something was totally missing. Even tho I was sleeping most of those few hours, but still, spending time in his company is just the greatest feeling in the world. You know, how when you are surrounded by good people you feel better about yourself – well, when I am with him I just feel awesome and invincible and so sure of myself. He inspires me to be so much more than I think I can be, and has such total faith that I could do / be anything. I don’t understand how one awesomely special person can make another feel so amazingly inspired and empowered and oh so loved. I am humbled by him…….sorry, got sidetracked there – where was I? (newsflash, shares in Kleenex have more than doubled in the last hour)


Finally I kicked myself out of bed and into the kitchen. I decided to make the kids French toast, from the left over challah. Good job I had KoD buy those flowers I mean eggs on Friday. I don’t often get to give the kids that kind of breakfast – they have school even on Sundays, so there isn’t much opportunity. So I totally enjoyed cooking breakfast for my man and my kids. Of course when KoD and Prince Pigeon came home from shul they had stopped by the bakery and bought donuts – the yummy cream filled ones, and danishes etc – so a very filling breakfast was had by all. (I have resisted the donuts all day long, they have just now started calling to me again……what the heck, dress hasn’t been fitted yet, what could one hurt?)


We had decided that we wanted to do something fun with the kids, other than just stay home and wii. Eventually after much discussion it was decided that we would all go ice skating downtown and then go to the pizza shop. (it’s a kosher drive thru pizza shop. Novelty of kosher drive thru has not worn off yet, and it’s been a few years).


Those of you who have more than one child know that there is no way that everyone is going to agree on what’s fun and what isn’t. Why should we be any different? Eventually I pulled rank, and laid down the law. You don’t have to enjoy yourselves, you just have to be there. I didn’t even insist that they all pretend to have a good time – I knew they would eventually enjoy something.


So we drove downtown – two vehicles, everyone safely buckled, found parking easily (thank you oh parking G-d) and went to stand in line with 50 other people who had the same idea as us. As we are queuing up they announced that they had to resurface the ice – for those of you out there who don’t know, that’s what a machine called a Zamboni is used for. (useless trivia, you never know when you will need it). So we are just standing there minding our own business and this fancily dressed guy starts conversing with the people in front. Realization dawns on me who he is, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for our kids. I nudged them to watch this guy, and they looked quizzically at me – ok the fact that he was talking French didn’t really help. Once he started making handkerchiefs appear and disappear, well the language didn’t seem to make too much of a difference. He eventually moved on to us, and showed us many different tricks – what my kids found hysterical was his card shuffling styles from all over Canada. It was truly funny – especially the Newfie way of shuffling. He put them back in the box and shook the box. (the one handed shuffle was pretty awesome too) The magician’s tricks helped us pass the time in line, and all of a sudden it was our turn to pay.


Being an honorary Canadian, I have laced up my fair share of ice skates, and not thought twice about it. I did today. I think parenting classes should include this important part of life. I didn’t lace up everyone’s skates, but close to six pairs of feet got laced up by me into smelly rented ice skates (can they not febreeze them??), and an armchair wasn’t even provided so I could rest my weary poor sore little back.


Of course tempers flared, this one’s skates didn’t fit properly, that one’s helmet was too big or small, I don’t want to skate, why are his skates nicer than mine? Etc etc. one of the princes decided just before going on the ice that he wasn’t going to skate because his skates felt funny. (funny peculiar, not funny haha)! It was pointed out to him that it cost money to rent the skates, and if he hadn’t wanted to skate he should have said so. (noises were made at home before we left, to the tune of I don’t want to skate, but I want to skate, but I might hurt myself but I want to have fun……..). We left him at the side of the rink to make his own decision, because reasoning with him was proving hopeless. Eventually the darling prince made his way reluctantly onto the ice, skated over to where we were and said “I didn’t want you to waste your money, so I decided I should skate a bit” – kids eh? He wasn’t going to enjoy it, nu uh, not for all the tea in China. I caught him smiling, but he doesn’t know and we will keep it that way.


So most of the children had fun, and those that didn’t certainly looked like they were enjoying themselves. Us parent-folk didn’t skate – I love to skate, but my back takes tremendous exception to it, and therefore KoD decided to sit it out too and keep his Queen company. Sweet.


Once the kids had worked up an appetite we decided it was time to leave for the pizza shop. Feeding seven kids and two adults at a fast food place was a new experience for us, but I feel we handled it with aplomb and dignity. We introduced our American family to the idea of Poutine – French fries, melted cheese and gravy – mmm mmm good!


With tummies full we drove home to our apartment, for the kids to veg, and for the grownups to make sure everything was packed up so that KoD could take his court back home in time for bedtime in Monsey. I hate the leaving part.


We shared a last coffee together, but mine became so much more watery as time went on (newsflash number 2 – Kleenex shares still soaring), didn’t help matters that Prince Pigeon came in and said something totally cute to KoD – “I can’t wait until you are my step dad”…..I know he said something else, but at that point the tears were flowing…..I am so going to miss my man. It was just so awesome spending time together as a family. My kids totally adore him, even to the point of wanting to go in his car, sit next to him at the table etc. not that they don’t love me, they do, but he is newer LOL. I love his kids so much – I love him so much. Being apart really is so very difficult. In just under 7 weeks we will be married – I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Just a little thing called a wedding to put together, and he will be mine for life. Yay!


We had such an awesome weekend – and I know that real life will be different, because you can’t live life as if on vacation – but just being with each other, breathing the same air – it just fills my heart with so much joy.


Well, I have been writing for two and a half hours, my tears are not yet stopped, my honey is more than half way home and my boychikles will be back soon, ready to go to sleep with big smiles on their faces. So I bid ye all a good night…


Vayehee erev Vayehee Voker, Sof Yom HaShlishi……….THE END!

Weekend Wonders – Part Two

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I like to sleep in on a Shabbat morning (gee, me and sleep, that seems to be a theme of these latest blogs, maybe I need to get me more of that…..), and my boys know this. On a regular Shabbat they don’t wake me before 830. Ok, I should really say they don’t officially wake me before 830, but little kids who try real hard to whisper – well, they are very loud! But the denial that comes from pretending to be asleep is worthwhile so we perpetuate it.


I like to sleep in but seeing as we had company my lie-in didn’t happen. I heard whispering coming from the kitchen at 7 am, and was greeted with goofy smiles by a selection of male children, happily tucking in to Trix, imported from the states by a wonderful man that I happen to know.


Prince Pigeon was dressed and out of the house by 830 as he wanted to go and wake up his future stepdaddy to ensure he was on time for shul. So down the hill he slid to fulfill his mission. The whole city was covered in ice, something I might have actually known if I had looked out the window before we left for shul.


See, sleeping in until 830 on Shabbat – I have my whole timetable, I loll around with a coffee until 915 ish, get the boys dressed and out to shul, then by 10 I am dressed and out the house. Getting up at 7 am screwed up my whole fixed schedule, and we all ended up leaving for shul at 930. Way too early. However it took us a long time to get there, as there was ice around, and Hadassah was wearing four inch stiletto heeled boots (but they are soooo cute).


Because we were there so early I got to get a lot of davenning in. This year on Rosh Hashannah I davened really really hard, and it seems that Hashem didn’t just hear my prayers He actually decided that this was the year he was going to listen to them, and he sent me my KoD. So I kinda feel that I should daven as much as possible to show my appreciation for all that He has done and continues to do for us.


I had the zchut to be there when KoD was called up to the Torah, and to hear him have them make a misheberach for me and my family in addition to his.


The trek home from shul was hazardous, even for those of us who had been smart and worn decent boots. A couple of the kids had the “invincible” feeling – that nothing will happen to them if they deliberately go sliding on the ice – a couple of sore bums later, they still hadn’t learned their lesson!


The rest of Shabbat passed in a blur of food, more food and plenty of games and much merriment. It was so great to see the kids all getting along – and yes, the occasional “fight” – verbal – broke out, which I know is normal. When one of my princes said to one of the Diamond princesses – if you do that again I will thump you – well, I figured the sibling bond had been well and truly welded!! (no thumpage ensued as they know it would not be tolerated).


Throughout the whole weekend KoD and I had a lot of fun ‘grossing’ the kids out. Because we love each other we tend to stare at each other with goofy grins occasionally, and sometimes we hold each others gaze longer than usual. Our souls communicate through our eyes. Interestingly enough, the girls like to see us staring into each others eyes. The boys – not so much. Princess Sparkles told us that when we kiss each other that will make us married, and if we never kiss then we will never be married. Princess Starlight wondered aloud if we are in love, and told her Abba that she had never seen him so happy. That was a great and awesome moment.


Now, on Shabbat afternoon we wanted to have some time to talk to each other without interference from the little people. They were all playing in various spots all over the house, so we were able to start our conversation a few times. Until such a time as a few of the princes and princesses decided it would be fun to spy on us – picture some little cutie crawling slowly commando style behind the sofa so that we wouldn’t realize they were there – their giggly breathing would never have given them away, nu uh!!! Once we realized they were listening in, we started doing what I call the shmoopy shmoopy talk. “I love how cute your face is, I love how your nose wrinkles when you smile at me, I love how your eyebrows frame your gorgeous eyes, I will love you more everyday, I love you more than you love me, etc…” – after a while they ran away making vomit sounds, and every time they snuck back, we started up again. I think eventually they got the idea. We had so much fun with that!


However much the boys were totally disgusterated with the lovey dovey stuff I think they really enjoy seeing their Ima happy and in love. The fact that they totally adore KoD is an additional bonus. In shul they were so proud to introduce him to their rabbis and friends as their future stepdad.


We made havdalah and lit the Chanukah candles, it was so nice to all be together, singing maoz tsur as a family. We settled the kids in front of a movie, and moved to the kitchen so that we could clean up from the detritus of Shabbat – a few sinksful of dishes. My man, my harley riding manly man, insisted on washing the dishes. He wouldn’t allow me to do them, not a one. My dainty rubber gloves sat well on his big strong hands – and he obviously has had practice with dishes, because he did a great job. In fact, KoD – seeing as you did such a wonderful job washing my dishes you can wash my dishes anytime – and keep me company in the kitchen, you are good at that too. What amazing new talent of yours am I going to discover next, my love? That you know how to fold a fitted sheet in the right way? If you do, well, then yes, I will definitely marry you!!


It was so great to be in the kitchen doing mundane stuff together, and hearing the kids laughing and giggling at the movies they were watching (and not fighting, nor inserting fingers into ears or nasal cavities of a sibling).


Again, Saturday night they gave us no trouble going to bed – I think the idea is to get them so tired out that they just fall in to bed and conk out for 8 hours or so. I wish I could sleep like the young people do.


Vayehee Erev Veyehee Voker Yom Shenee…..to be continued…..


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Weekend Wonders – Part One

As I sit down to write this the clock shows 4.39 pm, on Sunday evening. I am alone in my apartment. An hour ago there were seven children here between the ages of 6 and 13, and my partner in crime – the delectable King of Diamonds. My princes went to go spend time this evening with their other parent, and the KoD has taken his prince and princesses back to Monsey (which for them, unfortunately, means back to school tomorrow. Sigh.)


This has been a phenomenal weekend in many ways. We continued the bonding process – bonding with each others kids is very important, but it is also important for all the children to make some kind of a connection.


The KoD and his court arrived early Friday morning, and the pace didn’t really slow down until just now. The only peace there was came at night when the kids were all asleep. I cannot wait until we are married, because then I won’t have to send KoD out to sleep somewhere else. It was cold and icy and I felt bad for him having to leave in order to go to sleep. 


We spent Friday getting ready for Shabbat – I tried to run some errands in the morning which proved frustrating as no stores were opening until 1pm. The kosher grocery store was open, but their prices are sky high and their selection minimal at best. So we made do. I took the two princesses to the store with me – can I just say how much I loved that? Girls are totally different. We bumped into some people that I knew and some of them did a double take on seeing me with girl children. That was kinda cool.


Back at the apartment the aroma of Shabbat food was awesome. KoD had never tasted my chicken soup and had been promised that it was definitely something worth savouring. My matzah balls just add to the experience. He was amazed at the size of my enamel soup pot – and even more surprised that I expected the soup to be finished. I think as of now there are maybe 4 bowls left….I made schnitzel and salads, there was gefilte fish, I baked cookies, I baked challah (served it warm Friday night – was yummy) and I baked my world famous pie cake for dessert. (recipes for some things to follow).


At one point i realised we had run out of eggs. So I asked my KoD to run out and get me a couple of dozen. After half an hour he still wasn’t back, and i started to get worried. I had sent Prince Pigeon with him to make sure he knew where to go, so i knew he couldn’t be lost. Another 10 minutes rolled by and they casually strolled in, calling out a “heya” as they entered. I was ready to be a little naggy (i can do that, occasionally) – i needed the eggs, what took you so long etc – when KoD presented me with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers – long stemmed roses and other flowers that i cannot name. I was stunned into silence. I know – me, silent??!! i was so touched. I have the flowers in my bedroom now, and every time i look at them I am overwhelmed with awe at how much my man loves and cares for me. (and yes, they did remember the eggs)


We got everyone showered and changed and dressed for Shabbat, KoD ran out to where he was staying to do the same, leaving me with all seven kids for half an hour. I didn’t panic – they were wii-ing or playing or something and for the whole weekend seemed to not need us until the phone rang or until we actually wanted to have two minutes of “alone” time. Yeah, alone time – with a house full of kids. Pshaw!!  Every time we sat down in the kitchen to have a coffee together (in frum dating – this qualifies as alone time) – there was someone needing Abba or Ima.


So the menfolk went to shul after we all lit Chanukah and Shabbat candles, and I was hoping to be able to grab a nap on the sofa while they were there, as per my usual Friday night tradition when the boys are with me. I, however, had two little princesses here keeping me company – my eyes didn’t get to do more than flutter closed a time or two, until 10 minutes before the men came home. BUT it was so fun. I showed the girls some photo albums – pictures of my boys when they were babies etc.  They asked me lots of questions about life and stuff – I played with their hair, we had some snuggles. Princess Sparkles – the 6 year old – is just a divine cuddler and such a happy little girl. Her face is so full of life and love – she is just a little bundle of sunlight.  Princess Starlight is ten, and full of questions, has a wonderful thirst for knowledge about life. For a ten year old she is extremely perceptive – and she is amazingly bright. Some points during the weekend I caught her looking at me and her father with such a twinkle in her eye. I think she has an old soul – that’s what makes sense to me.


The menfolk came home, and we convened around my suddenly too small dining room table. We actually managed to seat everyone without having too many arguments and fights over who wanted to sit next to us. I sat to the right of my King – and together we gazed lovingly over our accumulation of children. The meal was lively – and everyone really enjoyed the food too. KoD was amazed with my chicken soup – and my matzah balls were so light and fluffy – just the way he likes them. (Glad I got that right!!)


After we cleared away the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen there was a few knocks on the door. First it was my bestest forever friend Lady DiddlieDee (DD) and her husband Sir Curlsalot and their Princess Blondie. (Princess Blondie and my Prince Puffin have been engaged to be married for almost 3 years. They are adorable together. I really would be thrilled if it worked out long term – great family, I like the parents…..). Then Chocolate/Vanilla (CV) showed up to bring us some more excellent sunshine. At this point I was serving dessert, but DD and CV upon hearing that I had made soup just had to help themselves to a bowl or two. Some of my sons joined them. Yes folks, apparently it IS that good. (Z! – perhaps a testimonial here from you would convince the people out there?). it was still early in the evening – around 8pm – and it was a lively household.


Knock Knock jokes were being made in a major way by Princess Starlight and her handsome brother Prince Dreamy (he is 9, and oh so sweet and delightful, and so very polite and loving). The next Knock wasn’t so funny. We live in an apartment building, and the majority of the building’s residents are aged. There are not that many families here with children, and I think we may be the only family with more than 3. My downstairs neighbours perpetually complain about our noise, which given that the kids are at school most of the day, and not home one weekend in two, well, it really isn’t that unreasonable. They are boys, and they do run in the corridor, even when I ask them repeatedly not to. Kids have to be kids, and I refuse to make my kids feel guilty for breathing. I am respectful of other people – and when I feel my kids are being too noisy I do put a stop to it.


So 8 pm, Friday night, the day after Christmas – goodwill to all men and all that – Mr Downstairs’s son politely asked me to keep the noise down, he and his brother are trying to study, and by the way can we keep the kids quiet tomorrow morning too? I told him I would do my best, which I did.  Obviously me repeatedly telling the kids to tiptoe, not to run, was not good enough because later on Saturday the super was asked to come up to complain to me. He actually apologized for having to speak to me – he understands that boys are boys and you can’t wrap em up and stick em in a closet, he also knew that we had company in town, and he also understands that Mr Downstairs is a hypersensitive person who doesn’t understand that I am the best mother in the world, with very polite and well behaved children. Last time Mr D came up to complain he yelled at me in French that I was a terrible mother, who had no control over her kids, and that he was a great father and he would never let his kids behave the way mine do. (that’s why the day after Christmas they are both holed up in their bedrooms studying just so that they don’t have to spend time with the pater familias……ooh boy I am riled up!) So the super Super said what he was asked to say, and we moved on. I have stopped warning the kids about running in the apartment – it doesn’t make a lick of difference to the downstairs people, so why should I break my head?


So that was a little blip on an otherwise awesome evening! After a while our guests bade us goodbye and went on their merry way, stomachs full and spirits overflowing with love. By 1030 we had all the little people tucked up in bed – surprisingly enough they didn’t give us too much of a hard time. I think all that playing and eating had totally tuckered them out. Getting good night hugs and kisses from 7 children totally rocks – hearing KoDs kids say “I love you Hadassah” – well, that made my hear swell even bigger.


After a while we went into the rooms to check that the kids were sleeping – I love just standing at the doorway and staring at my sleeping children, seeing their sweet innocence shine through as they sleep.


Vayehee Erev Veyehee Voker Yom Rishon…….to be continued


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