Weekend Wonders – Part Two

Read part one here.


I like to sleep in on a Shabbat morning (gee, me and sleep, that seems to be a theme of these latest blogs, maybe I need to get me more of that…..), and my boys know this. On a regular Shabbat they don’t wake me before 830. Ok, I should really say they don’t officially wake me before 830, but little kids who try real hard to whisper – well, they are very loud! But the denial that comes from pretending to be asleep is worthwhile so we perpetuate it.


I like to sleep in but seeing as we had company my lie-in didn’t happen. I heard whispering coming from the kitchen at 7 am, and was greeted with goofy smiles by a selection of male children, happily tucking in to Trix, imported from the states by a wonderful man that I happen to know.


Prince Pigeon was dressed and out of the house by 830 as he wanted to go and wake up his future stepdaddy to ensure he was on time for shul. So down the hill he slid to fulfill his mission. The whole city was covered in ice, something I might have actually known if I had looked out the window before we left for shul.


See, sleeping in until 830 on Shabbat – I have my whole timetable, I loll around with a coffee until 915 ish, get the boys dressed and out to shul, then by 10 I am dressed and out the house. Getting up at 7 am screwed up my whole fixed schedule, and we all ended up leaving for shul at 930. Way too early. However it took us a long time to get there, as there was ice around, and Hadassah was wearing four inch stiletto heeled boots (but they are soooo cute).


Because we were there so early I got to get a lot of davenning in. This year on Rosh Hashannah I davened really really hard, and it seems that Hashem didn’t just hear my prayers He actually decided that this was the year he was going to listen to them, and he sent me my KoD. So I kinda feel that I should daven as much as possible to show my appreciation for all that He has done and continues to do for us.


I had the zchut to be there when KoD was called up to the Torah, and to hear him have them make a misheberach for me and my family in addition to his.


The trek home from shul was hazardous, even for those of us who had been smart and worn decent boots. A couple of the kids had the “invincible” feeling – that nothing will happen to them if they deliberately go sliding on the ice – a couple of sore bums later, they still hadn’t learned their lesson!


The rest of Shabbat passed in a blur of food, more food and plenty of games and much merriment. It was so great to see the kids all getting along – and yes, the occasional “fight” – verbal – broke out, which I know is normal. When one of my princes said to one of the Diamond princesses – if you do that again I will thump you – well, I figured the sibling bond had been well and truly welded!! (no thumpage ensued as they know it would not be tolerated).


Throughout the whole weekend KoD and I had a lot of fun ‘grossing’ the kids out. Because we love each other we tend to stare at each other with goofy grins occasionally, and sometimes we hold each others gaze longer than usual. Our souls communicate through our eyes. Interestingly enough, the girls like to see us staring into each others eyes. The boys – not so much. Princess Sparkles told us that when we kiss each other that will make us married, and if we never kiss then we will never be married. Princess Starlight wondered aloud if we are in love, and told her Abba that she had never seen him so happy. That was a great and awesome moment.


Now, on Shabbat afternoon we wanted to have some time to talk to each other without interference from the little people. They were all playing in various spots all over the house, so we were able to start our conversation a few times. Until such a time as a few of the princes and princesses decided it would be fun to spy on us – picture some little cutie crawling slowly commando style behind the sofa so that we wouldn’t realize they were there – their giggly breathing would never have given them away, nu uh!!! Once we realized they were listening in, we started doing what I call the shmoopy shmoopy talk. “I love how cute your face is, I love how your nose wrinkles when you smile at me, I love how your eyebrows frame your gorgeous eyes, I will love you more everyday, I love you more than you love me, etc…” – after a while they ran away making vomit sounds, and every time they snuck back, we started up again. I think eventually they got the idea. We had so much fun with that!


However much the boys were totally disgusterated with the lovey dovey stuff I think they really enjoy seeing their Ima happy and in love. The fact that they totally adore KoD is an additional bonus. In shul they were so proud to introduce him to their rabbis and friends as their future stepdad.


We made havdalah and lit the Chanukah candles, it was so nice to all be together, singing maoz tsur as a family. We settled the kids in front of a movie, and moved to the kitchen so that we could clean up from the detritus of Shabbat – a few sinksful of dishes. My man, my harley riding manly man, insisted on washing the dishes. He wouldn’t allow me to do them, not a one. My dainty rubber gloves sat well on his big strong hands – and he obviously has had practice with dishes, because he did a great job. In fact, KoD – seeing as you did such a wonderful job washing my dishes you can wash my dishes anytime – and keep me company in the kitchen, you are good at that too. What amazing new talent of yours am I going to discover next, my love? That you know how to fold a fitted sheet in the right way? If you do, well, then yes, I will definitely marry you!!


It was so great to be in the kitchen doing mundane stuff together, and hearing the kids laughing and giggling at the movies they were watching (and not fighting, nor inserting fingers into ears or nasal cavities of a sibling).


Again, Saturday night they gave us no trouble going to bed – I think the idea is to get them so tired out that they just fall in to bed and conk out for 8 hours or so. I wish I could sleep like the young people do.


Vayehee Erev Veyehee Voker Yom Shenee…..to be continued…..


read part three here.


3 responses to “Weekend Wonders – Part Two

  1. This is so sweet! I wonder what my nickname will be when move to “The Royal Barnacle Bay”?

  2. i have my thinking cap on – but i need to get to know you better. it will be a good one i am sure.

  3. Looking forward! I also love to give nicknames to people.

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