Daily Archives: January 1, 2009

The Power of Filial Love

For the first time in a long while I overslept. It is new years day, BUT the boys have school this morning and do have to be on time. My alarm wakes me up generally at 620, giving me 10 minutes for coffee before waking up the little people. This morning my trusty alarm clock went off, but somehow it’s kick Hadassah outta bed function did not work, I didn’t just snooze the alarm, I turned it off, and shock horror I went back to sleep. Until 7 am when Prince Lenny was standing in the royal bedchamber shaking me awake. “Ima its 7 o’clock!!” first words out of my mouth were “no it’s not, it can’t be”. Upon further investigation he was proved right and I was at panic stations. Quickly woke up the rest of the gang, and they were surprisingly cooperative. (sometimes I honestly believe I am in a parallel universe).


I threw on some clothes, ran to the mecca of my life – the coffee maker, and gulped down some coffee (I love the timer function) and cursed (apparently out loud, in my scratchy voice) at my ineptitude as a mother. The idea for this morning had been to get up, run to the bakery to get bread which we needed to make lunches, and be back in time to wake up the little uns. Well, ha bloody ha! You can plan all you like, it just might not get you anywhere. So I was standing in the kitchen drinking my cup of joe and slamming my own parenting skills. If I was a good mother I would have woken up on time and there would be bread in the house, I suck etc. My kids got so mad at me. “Ima, you are human, if you would be perfect you would be G-d”, “Ima – you never oversleep, so it happened, so we will be late for school – how is this a tragedy”, “Ima, we love you, don’t talk about yourself that way”.


So by 7:20 I was somewhat caffeinated, mollified and hoping to run out the door, not remembering yet that it was new years day, and that means that the bakeries don’t open so early in the morning, a fact I remembered by 7:25. that didn’t help my anti-me rant, Prince Squiggy said “Ima, don’t be so hard on yourself. You do so much for us, and usually the house runs like clockwork. You are not feeling well, you overslept – Ima stuff happens. It’s ok – we love you and don’t be so down on yourself.”


I got hugs and kisses from my boychicks who at this point deserve the awards for being the worlds best children. I am far from perfect, at least the kids don’t have me up on a pedestal, but I am the luckiest mother in the world.