Daily Archives: January 5, 2009

Heinous or Harmless?



I live in an apartment building that has laundry rooms on every floor. When I do my laundry I try very hard to time the loads so that my stuff is not sitting in the machine when someone else wants to do a load. There is someone on my floor who ALWAYS forgets her clothes are in the machine, or is just too busy to get back to the laundry room, and the clothing can sit there for hours.  I very much hate when I have been delayed for someone to take my clothing out of the washer / drier and just pile them on top so they can use the machines. It’s just not in my comfort zone. So I try very hard to show the same consideration to others. But how long is it acceptable to wait for her to remember she was doing laundry – and when does one decide to just empty the machine because you need to use it NOW? Is emptying the machine, when it has finished its’ cycle, so you can use it, heinous or harmless?

The Look


You gaze lovingly into my eyes
And I feel such depths of emotion
Such soul moving tremors.
The world around us fades
As we lose ourselves in each other
As though magnetized by a
Force stronger than nature.
Your eyes drink me in
Burning a pathway through
To my fast beating heart,
Clearing a passage
To Forever.
In your eyes I see
Such pure love and awe.
What do you see in mine?

Tacky – yea or nay?

So, we are in the throes of planning our wedding. There is less than six weeks to go. (panic panic). This is the week that I hope to mail out the invitations. Now, we are making a very small wedding – close family and close friends only. An interesting point was raised recently that maybe because it is a small wedding I could email the wedding invitations. Another person thought that emailing wedding invitations was tacky, even though it is good for the environment. After much discussion the KoD and I decided to do snail mail, but to have RSVPs by phone or email.


I am curious as to what you think…….