Heinous or Harmless?



I live in an apartment building that has laundry rooms on every floor. When I do my laundry I try very hard to time the loads so that my stuff is not sitting in the machine when someone else wants to do a load. There is someone on my floor who ALWAYS forgets her clothes are in the machine, or is just too busy to get back to the laundry room, and the clothing can sit there for hours.  I very much hate when I have been delayed for someone to take my clothing out of the washer / drier and just pile them on top so they can use the machines. It’s just not in my comfort zone. So I try very hard to show the same consideration to others. But how long is it acceptable to wait for her to remember she was doing laundry – and when does one decide to just empty the machine because you need to use it NOW? Is emptying the machine, when it has finished its’ cycle, so you can use it, heinous or harmless?


6 responses to “Heinous or Harmless?

  1. chocolate vanilla

    well, the thing is, she doesn’t know that it’s only you touching her stuff. I know I’d be like : WHO touched my clothes- even worse if it was underthings. Then your imagination takes over and you start to consider re-washing (you know used underwear can get big bucks on ebay!) anyway, what I would do is leave a sign/note for the person saying next time, you’ll move her stuff. For the moment, I’d go to another floor.
    ps. I took a 2 hr nap today while my clothes were in the dryer (bad girl)

  2. just buy an additionnal basket and take the laundry out.

    Perhaps for your neighbor it is special confort not to have to time the laundries, but to be able to do it even when she has to leave and comes back 3hours later.

  3. Emptying the machine is fine, as you are in a communal area and it is not her private machine. Boruch Hashem you’ll be moving soon, to where you will hopefully have your own washing maching and drier for the royal family.

  4. Well, I would say harmless…. but…. “מה ששנוי אליך, אל תעשה להבריך”

    You could try to make it not bother you….

    You could write a note, apologizing, but explaining that you really need to use the machine….

    You could move to Israel and buy your own machine, since apartments here do not have communal washing machines, but do have a “heder sheirut”….


  5. Rivka (coffee and chemo), maybe it depends if the person is going to get all upset if they know who the person is that moved their stuff. Then it might not be a good idea to right a note, and if somebody took some of their stuff they will blame you. If it is a nice neighbor who isn’t a hot head then a note would be nice but really not necessary, in my mind.

  6. In my mind, these are communal machines. IF you can’t get back there to unload your machine on time, then you MUST accept that others are going to need the machine and that your clothes might end up not so clean after all….

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