Tacky – yea or nay?

So, we are in the throes of planning our wedding. There is less than six weeks to go. (panic panic). This is the week that I hope to mail out the invitations. Now, we are making a very small wedding – close family and close friends only. An interesting point was raised recently that maybe because it is a small wedding I could email the wedding invitations. Another person thought that emailing wedding invitations was tacky, even though it is good for the environment. After much discussion the KoD and I decided to do snail mail, but to have RSVPs by phone or email.


I am curious as to what you think…….


8 responses to “Tacky – yea or nay?

  1. Oh PLEASE. These are invitations. Send them and get RSVPs by whatever the most reasonable means possible. You still have to write out Thank You notes though.

  2. Send out invitations – people forget or ignore otherwise. And environment aside it’s still tacky.

  3. we did save the dates through evite.com, and are mailing out invitations closer to the wedding. Pretty much everyone has already RSVP’d through evite, so if my friend hadn’t already offered to make our invitations for practically free, we probably wouldn’t bother.

  4. The form of invitation should probably be proportionate with the ambience of the event you’re planning. If it’s really casual, and you have a lot of eco-aware friends and family, by all means go with email.

    If it’s a little more formal, go with mailed invitations on recycled paper. And have fun with them — do an unconventional format. Why the heck not, right? At this point, you don’t / shouldn’t be so self conscious about what other people think.

    In terms of RSVPs, I think email is a great medium. Fast, quick and just as personal. Given the time crunch, it may be the best choice, actually.

    Just my two shillings’ worth.

  5. While emails are still not the norm, they are certainly quick and environmentally friendly.

    If you decide to go paper for the invitations, go with recycled paper and have the RSVPs come by phone or email.

  6. I think it’s a good way to go.

  7. well, i did some of both. mailed most but for my officemates and some friends i emailed. perhaps, those who are email savvy email, otherwise and/or for the older guests who would prefer a more traditional paper invite send a hard copy.

  8. Of course it depends on your crowd. Are you designing/printing your own or having them “done?”

    Remember that the marriage is more important than the wedding, so concentrate on your long-term future.


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