I got the shut the heck up blues…….

I really wanted to write a positive blog post tonight but I am apparently in a foul foul mood and can only seem to write nasty condescending drivel that I choose not to share with anyone. Good job I ain’t cooking or baking tonight because no one would want to eat that food cooked in that mood. Blech. 


Why am I in a bad mood? Lots of ridiculous stupid piddling little reasons, probably because I am totally overdue for a complete and total meltdown and cussdown. We all need to let out our inner biatch occasionally, and I have been so happy and in love lately that she has been totally neglected. Poor little biatchy-poo!! I am still happy and in love with my KoD – if he were here my little hissy fit would totally be history, and we would be busy making goo-goo eyes at each other. But he isn’t here, and that bites.


I am totally frustrated with technology. I was all impressed with my cost cutting measures to print my own invitations for the wedding. Cosmic joke – very funny! Ha bloody Ha! It took me, Sir Curlsalot and Lady DiddlieDee a good freaking long time to figure out that the invitations that should have been so blimmin’ simple to print, well, weren’t. I ended up having to go to the print shop anyway. I was so proud of formatting the page, mastering MSWord and all that jazz, but the invitation gremlins just sucked up my positive energy and spewed it out like yesterday’s beer. Anyhow, that’s all taken care of now much to the merriment of the print shop guys who seemed to be having a total laugh at my expense, but that could just be my paranoia kicking in again.


I am still sick as a dog, and sick of the comments of have I been fighting with my man, which made me lose my voice. No, dimwits, I have laryngitis – a viral infection of the larynx which is in my sodding throat. Besides, why would I fight with KoD? He is the man of my dreams – he could not be more perfect. Well only one way he could be more perfect, he could be HERE, but that’s not a character flaw, is it? Besides, I know in his heart he is here. (aw I am getting all mushy again, that wont do, it might get rid of the blues….)


I could go on and on, I seem to need to write a lot because I can’t talk, but I am going to shut the heck up now, put on a weepy chick flick and totally veg out and ignore the nasty world. (after I put the kids to sleep…..when do they ever learn to do that by themselves? Didn’t I just do that yesterday?)

2 responses to “I got the shut the heck up blues…….

  1. LOL. Your writing positively snaps, crackles and pops when you’re ill or irritated. Still, feel better soon!

  2. I relate. Last year I decided to do my daughter’s bat mitzvah invitations on my own to “save money”. I think I remember lots of cussing too. I managed to get it done (well, actually my husband did), but spent almost as much money had I had them done–and that’s not counting the time I invested!

    Feel better!

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