Wedding help – please?

I spent much of the last few days getting things into place for my wedding to the KoD. It is less than six weeks to go, and the major things are sorted out – hall, caterer, invitations. There are just the niggling little details left to do – where are the out of town people going to stay, how is everyone going to get to and from the hall, seating plan, photography, make up, rings etc. And the dress, oy vey, don’t get me started on the dress. Right now as it stands I am going down the aisle in a bathrobe….


I decided not to go with floral centerpieces on the tables for the reception as it does seem rather pricey. Does anyone have any ideas what else we could do as centerpieces that is cheap and cheerful but not tacky? I am also not going to hold a bouquet. Apparently in a religious Jewish second wedding there isn’t a processional as such, so there doesn’t seem much point. Apparently no music at the chuppah either. So my whole idea of the boys carrying me on a golden litter (remember what Celine Dion did at her vegas wedding?) to my KoD – not going to happen. I will leave the camels at home too! I will just walk to the chuppah with my boychikles around me, and that will be that.


One of my sons wants to read out our fairytale at the reception – I think it’s a cute idea, but will the guests? (if he does I will totally edit it to update it). I also want to make a speech – so not done for the bride to speak at religious Jewish weddings, at least in my circles. But I am not one for toeing the line, as we all know. Shall I limit the number of speeches? How does one decide who gets the Sheva brachot under the chuppah, and who at the meal? Is one honour less than the other?


Any other wedding help you can give me? Not that I am panicking or anything – there is still plenty of time left for that. first family members due to arrive in 5 weeks. No problem, right?! Right!

7 responses to “Wedding help – please?

  1. hi! Having just gone through this, I can sympathize. Re: the centerpieces – we used teapots and vases we picked up at thrift stores and yard sales, and filled them with cut Gerbera daisies. People liked them and the couple that had been together the longest got to take the flowers home. My sister used balloons – we went to the beach, got a bucket of sand, filled sandwich bags, and wrapped the bags with wrapping foil and curling ribbon to make little weights.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for any more suggestions!

  2. 1. I’ve been collecting tons of candle holders from the local thrift store, and am going to tie thick cream colored ribbon around all of them and have candles in various shaped holders for center peices.

    2. Mason Jars, water, fake cranberries or floaty berries of some kind, some evergreen or rosemary branches maybe, floating candle on top.

    3. Big round glass bowls with floating candles and maybe a floating flower or two.

  3. whatever you do, NO FISH IN BOWLS!!!

  4. i love the floating candles. saw that at an event recently and thought it was very cool

  5. You can use mirrors under bowls with floating candles and sprinkle a few rose petals on the mirror.

    Also seen, vases stuffed with fruit. Fruit is expensive so I would only do this with a fruit that you would eat after the wedding.

  6. we saw something recently. i think it was floating candles. my wife really liked it a lot, but i don’t notice these things and can’t remember it was.

    can you rent fake flowers? we did and it was very affordable (and nice). in addition to businesses, there are charities that rent flowers to raise money. finally, a friend of mine got really expensive fresh flowers . . . from a gemach that brought him flowers from a wedding the previous night.

  7. Who says no music at the chuppah when it is a second wedding?? Never heard that one before! (and have been to several such weddings)

    It’s your shindig — do it the way you want!

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