Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Random catch up

I have been a little less than faithful with my blogging lately. I have been sick – a stinking rotten cold, then laryngitis kicked me hard, and I am still coughing like a 90 year old woman who has been smoking all of her life. I am also trying to put this wedding together at the same time as “resting” so I can feel better. It would sure be nice to have family that lived here in the same place as I do – it would take some of the pressure off me, I guess. But that’s just the way it is. I am more than blessed that my family are making the effort to join us for our simcha. Montreal in February – I would forgive anyone who didn’t want to come to this frozen tundra in the coldest month of the year. But the family wants to celebrate with us, and I love them all the more for it.


Missing my KoD really bites – but missing him makes it even better when we see each other. If just thinking of his lovely smile warms my heart, imagine what seeing it in person feels like. Sigh – I love being in love.


I have sorted out bridal wear for the wedding, which is a huge relief. I promised the rebbetzin it wouldn’t be red, and luckily it isn’t! I am not giving any details except that it is stunning and will totally knock the KoD’s socks off when he sees me at the end of that aisle. (mind you I could probably wear a brown grocery sack and knock his socks off…) (I am still trying to find a source that says I don’t have to wear a veil…..anyone?)


I am getting fed up of people telling me that I cannot have the kids at the wedding, or that I can only have them there for parts of it. I have consulted competent halachic authorities as well as psychologists, and we have made the informed decision that the kids should there. My boys cannot wait to be there, they want to hold the chuppah. There is no halachic inyan whatsoever preventing them from being there. So they will be there, so there! Put that in yer pipe and smoke it. I am not making any excuses to anyone.


I have been told that there is no processional to the chuppah. It’s my wedding and I will make an entrance. Come on, peeps, you know me, is it like me to do anything quietly without fanfare? The truth is though, at this point, I just want to marry my KoD. I just want to be his missus and start our married life together, and ride off into the sunset on a custom built pink Harley with a Betty Boop design…(A gal can dream can’t she?)


I think first time around there was so much emphasis on the dress, the food, the flowers, the photographer – all the little details that really don’t enhance the actual marriage. This time I totally understand the work involved in sustaining a good marriage – the accoutrements of the wedding are just not that important. Yes I want to look nice, I want KoD to look spiffy – but I could do jeans and sneakers on the beach under a chuppah and be just as happy. (ok maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the point).


KoD continues to blow me away with the depth of his love for me. I had a disturbing event to deal with last week that freaked me out, had me totally panicked – and me, big-strong-independent-“I don’t need anyone”-me, I needed him. He rose to the occasion, calmed me down and gave me a wonderfully non biased perspective on the situation with no false platitudes. By the time I was through talking to him a major crisis had turned into a blip that had to be weathered, but was not a disaster. It’s so new for me to trust someone – but I love that I can trust him and I love that I know he is always there for me. I hope he knows I am always here for him, no matter what. I’m sure he does.


I am working on some ideas for future posts, but who knows when I will have time to post them – keep checking back, I will do my best to update regularly.


Shavuah Tov y’all, have a wonderful week.