Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

The simple things

Sometimes it’s the things we take for granted that mean the most. One of my kids had an appointment today, and instead of making him go back to school at 3 pm (until 6) I allowed him to play hookey with me. It’s not that we went to the movies or bowling or did anything unusual – it was just an awesome chance for the two of us to bond. It’s very rare for me to have a decent chunk of one on one time with each kid, so I jump at the chance when I get it. I shlepped him with me to the bank (he is a good secret keeper thank goodness lol), and to buy groceries, then we went for a car wash. I didn’t turn on the car radio once, we chattered all the time (well he talked nonstop, while licking his enormously huge jawbreaker that he got at the appointment). I so enjoyed this time with him. So much of our time at home is taken up with nagging them to get up, nagging them to go to sleep, reminding them about homework and toothbrushing, there isn’t much time for just sitting back and shooting the breeze.


My ImaMeter feels refreshed – the kid even let me kiss him IN PUBLIC!! He has been whistling all evening and is even being extra nice to his siblings. I like these days, days when being a mommy rocks.