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The Mominator strikes again!!

So Wednesdays I like to run errands because it’s the one day that I have help in the house. I know I am spoiled, but with working and 4 boys, I need it. I generally leave work, and run until around 8 pm. Today I was on schedule with all that I needed to do, when my cellphone rings. It’s the school. Craptastic! My sixth sense tells me its trouble.  Hi Mrs Sabo….Prince Nameless (you think I am gonna tell you which one? He will kill me!) is bleeding from the head….I automatically tell the secretary that I am on my way without hearing more. I turn around immediately and head for the car, and thence to school. I get there, kid is sitting in principal’s office, with evidence of blood having cascaded down his face. Hatzalah (first responders) had been called, but when I wanted to talk to the guy he was davening, so I had to wait.


Heads bleed an awful lot, did you know that? Upon first inspection it looked like half his head was cut, but on closer look it was a teeny tiny but very deep cut, that bled profusely. Apparently the child had no recollection of what happened. Mmhmm. He went out of class to use the facilities and all of a sudden was bleeding from the head, with half of a fluorescent light bulb (the long ones??) in his hand, with a jagged edge. No one saw nuffink. And no one else seems to have been involved. Hatzalah dude says it’s highly unlikely that he lost consciousness, but kid maintains he has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of what happened. I told him he wouldn’t get into trouble, that I wouldn’t even tell the principal – but he maintained his muteness. From such a cut one doesn’t lose consciousness.


The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what happened because he already got hurt. So knowing how doesn’t change things. BUT one does wonder where on earth he got hold of the light bulb thingummajig. And where on earth was the school supervision? Oy, don’t get me started…….


So, I brought the poor bloody child home, sat him on a stool, affixed my nurse’s hat, donned the nurse’s uniform, and got to work. Hatzalah guy says he didn’t need glue or stitches, and I tended to agree with him. (I have 4 rambunctious boys, we have had many glue and stitches incidents, and many incidents of going to the ER to be glued, and the cut not warranting it.) I had the bloody child perch on a stool, tilt his head and I sponged off the red stuff. All that blood from an itsy bitsy teeny weeny cut. The way it looked, I was nervous about his hair growing into the booboo as it healed. Picture this…..Cute as a button male kid, sitting on stool with hang dog expression, the Mominator wielding pink razor to shave the afflicted portion of his head. One of the other princes was holding his hands so that he wouldn’t reach up and grab my hand. It really was a Kodak moment. I cleaned the wound, antisepticked it and steri-stripped it. Yes I happen to have steri-strips in my medicine cabinet, along with many other dressings and first aid paraphernalia. (I have boys, I like to be prepared).


Within ten minutes of coming home he was as right as rain, raring to go, as if nothing had happened. Ima, on the other hand, needed a stiff drink and a heavy dose of Valium. But hey, just another day in the majestic court of ours.


Another day another drama – ain’t that the way life goes?

and in other news, this morning Prince Chatterbox said to me as i was hurrying him to get ready for school “Ima, can i tell you something? I’m so lucky that you are my Ima” – i just melted right on the spot.

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