Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

The weekend

We drove down to Monsey this past Shabbat, me and the 4 princes, to spend time with our favourite KoD and his delightful court. I bought a great thingummajig for the car, to enable me to run my laptop from the cigarette lighter, so the princes could watch DVDs – I am such a smart Ima sometimes!!!!!!!! I surprise myself. It kept them so quiet but somehow didn’t subdue the urge to make several pit stops along the way. I thought us women were stereotyped as needing the facilities more often – we aint got nothing on these guys. (maybe it was the Slurpees, tho? Hmm).


We got to do more family blending – although which attachment to the mixmaster we were using at what time – I will leave those out. Sometimes dough needs a lot of kneading in order to rise and be tasty, sometimes it needs to just be left alone. Knowing which dough is which takes expertise.


I was honoured to be able to stay at Lady LockNLoad’s palace, where I was made very welcome and treated like the Queen that I pretend to be. Next time I come over, Lady LNL, maybe you will show me how to use that fancy shmancy treadmill thing – looks way too complicated for my simple tastes. The kids stayed at KoD’s – they didn’t need their mother that close I guess. (sometimes I wonder if being a male mother would help me see through their eyes better).


I got great hugs from the princes and princesses – it is awesome to realize that in a few short weeks we will officially all be related through marriage.


Leaving does not get any easier. One would think that by now, knowing that KoD and I are soon to be married, and will see each other even sooner – that leaving would be no big deal. It breaks my heart even more every time. Every time we are together I fall more and more in love with him, with the great person he is. Tearing myself away from him this afternoon was so very painful. The kids were awesome on the way home.  Except being their yummy understanding selves made me cry much harder. “Ima, why are you so sad?” – because I love him and miss being with him so much. “Ima, its ok, you will see him soon and before you know it we will be living here and not having to learn French” (it’s all about the French, you see). “Ima if you are so sad about leaving why don’t we all just stay?”, “Ima, we are sad too….we love him almost as much as we love you” – that last phrase was a statement that was repeated several times over the weekend – and it touched me so deeply. My boys have so bonded with the KoD. Its so precious to see them together. Especially Prince ChatterBox. I think the KoD is his new favourite person in the whole wide world.


Coming back into Canada we had the laxest security guard ever. Didn’t even look at our papers nor ask more than “where do you live?” – he just waved us through, without bothering to un-recline his chair. I was so surprised. On the way down, the USA people insisted on seeing my license, car registration and insurance as well as the passports.


Anyhow we are back home now, and its time for all the plans to take off – less than 3 weeks to go till the wedding. Less than 3 weeks till Happily Ever After.


Have an Awesome Day Folks.