Daily Archives: January 28, 2009


Parents are not paper which you use and throw away.

Parents are not a cash point from which you take money and go.

Parents are not a rock which never cracks.

Parents are not only a family name or a sign on the door.


For parents are paper which absorbs everything.

And parents are like a bank which gives and gives.

But you have to enter, to sit down and to talk

And perhaps return at a later time.


Parents are soft chalk and fragile too.

Parents are a family name with a meaningful ancestry.

Parents are a large and complex family
On whose back there is a big and heavy rucksack.


Parents are people who make mistakes sometimes

But even with their mistakes, they love endlessly.

Parents will always remain parents

Whether their child is eight or fifty.


But parents are also made from expendable material.

They get tired, with the years

Therefore when there is an occasion

Preventive care of love and warm feelings

Could probably delay old age a little

And give a moment of honour, enjoyment and motivation


Source unknown.


(thank you to FS and HC for the translation from the Hebrew. I was shown this poem in its original Hebrew, and was so moved by it that i wanted to share it with all of you)